[Single Review] Upsahl – “Kiss Me Now”

Singer-Songwriter and Phoenix, Arizona native Taylor Upsahl, AKA “Upsahl” has been making music since she was 13 years old and released a self-titled alternative folk EP by the time she was 14. And, while it is true she has only just graduated high school, she has still already managed to somehow release several full-length albums into her musical repertoire. In February of last year, the fast emerging artist released her third studio album “Unfamiliar Light” and received relative critical acclaim in the indie scene when she collaborated with Max Frost on her indie-pop single “Can You Hear Me Now?”

And now, scarcely even a month into a new year we come to see the release of her new single entitled “Kiss Me Now” With this new track, Upsahl handily highlights the history of every person who has ever succumbed to the feelings of being soddenly unnoticed and invisible. “Kiss Me Now” manages to genuinely depict the hardships that come with the impatience of those who have become more than fed up with someone who is either completely clueless when it comes to the verbal and physical signs of romantic interest, and just can not take a hint, even if it was a brick thrown right to their face, or of someone who indignantly disregards their unrequited feelings completely either because of a lack of interest in the portents of love entirely or is uncomfortable with dealing rejection.

“Kiss Me Now”’s instrumental is saturated with acoustic guitar that greatly emphasizes its colorful vocals and in the exquisite indie pop tune, Upsahl icily sings “My dinners getting cold but your eyes aren’t” and “I’m giving you one more chance, I’m giving you one more dance. I’m giving you just another second to see it through” in a song that is sincere in tone, yet musically remains quite upbeat and vibrant.

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