Altwire Podcast Ep 11 : Richard Patrick de Filter - "Unfiltered" (sans filtre)

Filter Richard Patrick

Episode 11 of The Altwire Podcast brings fans and listeners an exciting conversation with Richard Patrick, the talented lead vocalist of alternative rock band Filtre. The episode promises to be a treasure trove of insights into Filter’s creative process, the making of The Algorithm, and Patrick’s unique perspective on the current political landscape.

Fans of the band know that they have an unmistakable sound that distinguishes them from other alternative rock bands. In this episode, Richard Patrick explains the creative process behind achieving that sound and where he feels this album fits amongst the band’s discography as a whole. He takes us behind the scenes of the album’s creation, sharing stories and insights into the recording process.

However, one of the most intriguing moments in the episode comes when Richard shares his perspective on the state of politics in the country. He is candid about his disappointment with the direction of current events and expresses his concern about the future. He emphasizes the need for people to unite and move past distraction-based politics to live in a ‘fact-based reality.’ In a moment of complete openness, Richard also discusses his battles with addiction and santé mentale and how he overcame his struggles when we lost so many valued musicians to addiction or suicide.

Of course, the conversation is not all serious. Richard Patrick shares some lighthearted moments and amusing stories with us, making for a well-rounded listening experience. Fans will undoubtedly appreciate getting to know the band’s lead vocalist on a more personal level.

Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking conversation!

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