Frank Ocean’s Unveils Visual Album “Endless”

Frank Ocean’s highly anticipated follow up to Channel Orange is finally coming.  Fans have been promised the album for year only for the project to be plagued with delays and changes.  It seems like, barring any absurd complications, the release is imminent.  In fact, Apple is set to release the album exclusively this weekend.  But before the release date, it seems the artist had to give his fans something to get extra excited about.

On August 18, Ocean released a video stream entitled Endless.  The video shows Ocean in a warehouse building a wooden staircase backed by brand new tracks complete with vocals.  This project is apparently completely separate from the forthcoming album.  Perhaps these are early sketches for the final project or B-sides that Ocean decided to release as a teaser alongside a cryptic video.  Maybe the release of the actual album will provide enough context to make sense of Endless.

The songs that form the soundtrack are promising.  Sometimes they seem a little unpolished and the way they flow together is at times jarring, but the direction Ocean seems to be taking his sound is impressive.  If this new release follows the same style then fans are in for one of the best albums of the year.

Endless is available to watch on iTunes.


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