Fresh Music: Bones – CARCASS

Earlier this month, emo-rap veteran Bones released a new EP entitled CARCASS. For those who are unaware, Bones is a Michigan rapper known for his gritty, dark sound, and stunning pace of releasing music. He’s put out 56 mixtapes since 2011, not an easy achievement by any means. Normally this would take a toll on the quality of his output, but anyone aware of him would know that Bones has managed to create an absolute cult following from his supporters. Fans can expect more of the same style from this project, as he usually hasn’t been one to switch up his sound too much throughout his discography. Nevertheless, I enjoyed this project, and I assume the same will be true for the rest of his fan base. The tracks “CharacterSelect” and “IWasCertainlyNotWorthYourTime” were my favorites on the EP, but definitely follow suit with his tried and trusted vibe and flow. It’ll be interesting to see what Bones releases in the future, and see where he goes moving forward with his sound.

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