Germany’s 7 Goals in Alternative Music

4. Die Ärzte

German Punk Rock is “Die Ärzte”. Just like Die Toten Hosen, they were founded in 1982 and are part of German punk history. Their lyrics are highly ironic and always walk the fine line between fun and social criticism. Their song “Junge” (“Boy”) deals with the typical generational conflict of parents and their young adult children, but in an extremely fun way. Here’s a taste: “And how you look like again, holes in your nose, and always this noise (what will the neighbors say), electrical guitars, and always those lyrics, no one wants to hear that (what will the neighbors say).” The lyrics are so simple and don’t even rhyme properly which just makes the song funnier. In addition they dealt with their constant conflict with German censorship (they once had to have all records destroyed which almost ruined the band financially) by covering the gory details in the video with funny comic characters. Here’s our Miroslav Klose of Punk music: old but gold.

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