Holland Road – “Party At My Place”

Holland Road

Music is a cyclical thing.  Trends come and go and then come again. Guitar-fueled party rock is one of those perennial fixtures in our culture. In this latest resurgence, Holland Road out of New England is going all out with another new single, “Party at My Place.”

If you liked the anthemic rockers of 80’s arena rock or the irreverent pop-punk of Sum 41 and Blink 182, Holland Road is a band to watch, for sure.  “Party At My Place” has all of the trappings: Big aggressive guitars, allusions to killer parties and unforgettable nights, and a reasonable dose of day-seizing attitude. These guys are having a good time and if you want to join in the party you’re welcome, but if you’re not?  Well, they don’t really care what you think.

The track is the story of a perfect night with a perfect girl and you get the sense that maybe the relationship didn’t go anywhere afterward. However, Holland Road singer Chris Mullins doesn’t seem to mind either. The song and the band are about living in the moment and not worrying so much about the future.  It has a similar feeling to a lot of Bowling For Soup songs that are somewhat nostalgic and depend heavily on the idea that youth should not be squandered and every good time should be fully savored.

“Party At My Place” is a new rock anthem that hits hard and keeps the energy up.  It’s a song for the new generation of party kids and the old nostalgic generation.  Put this track on your next party playlist and do what Mullins suggests: “Dance the night away”.

Check out the song below:

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