Kulcha Shok Muzik’s Reggae Sunday Series – AKA “Church”!

Kulcha Shok Reggae Sunday

Fall has just begun and in Miami, it’s Reggae Sunday all through October! 

This concert series hosted by the legendary Lance-O, is the perfect beachside Sunday Funday, or a unique night out as the music will play all day and all night.

While you’re there, make sure to check out the KulchaShok merch booth for some reggae couture, as their clothing is the lead in roots and culture fashion!


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Omayra Lopez

Omayra is a Florida girl, mother of three, and visual artist sharing all things art, fun and the beautiful things in life. She firmly believes that one creates their own reality and applies that to her own life by marching to the beat of a different drum, using her camera as a tool for that purpose. Omayra is a jack of all trades and masters them all. When she's not behind of the camera, she's in front of it. Her experience as a model, helped her develop her eye as a photographer.
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