Soaked In Bleach (2015): Kurt Cobain Death Conspiracy

Kurt Cobain

For over 21 years, the death of Kurt Cobain has struck controversy for people worldwide. Following the release of the film, Montage of Heck, which can certainly be described as a montage of, well, heck, came the release of documentary, Soaked in Bleach.  

With the help of Tom Grant, private investigator, with a background in law enforcement, who was hired to find Kurt Cobain by Courtney Love, the film was able to be conducted.

Benjamin Statler, director of the documentary, provides the facts on the Kurt Cobain apparent suicide. Within the film, viewers are provided with details of the mishandling on the investigation into the death of Cobain. We find Seattle police ruled it a suicide within 54 minutes with no investigation and even destruction of evidence. Though, it doesn’t stop there! From the moment he met Love, red flags sparked within Tom Grant.

The story we were told was the “truth” is that Kurt Cobain shot himself after he’d injected three times the lethal dose of heroin. Looking deeper into it, many thought, “how is that even possible?” Scientifically proven, we find that with the intense amount of heroin in Cobain’s system, he wouldn’t have been able to move! Not to mention, the shotgun wasn’t checked for fingerprints until May 6th, 1994, about a month after his body was found.

Diving deeper into the film, we learn Love’s devious control over the media, false reports to the police, and even the fact there was no suicide note! In fact, as evidence shows, it was about quitting the music business. The short paragraph to daughter Frances and Love has made everyone skeptical, including several handwriting experts and even Rosemary Carroll, Love’s own entertainment attorney and close friend to the couple. Love even claimed Cobain had been suicidal, but multiple friends and family confirmed he wasn’t, despite drug addiction, lyrics, and his health problems, such as his major stomach pains.

Following the release of Soaked in Bleach, it took a huge hit from both directions, good and bad. Statler had multiple lawyers of Courtney Love sending over cease and desist against the film, what seems to be to scare off those releasing the movie. In addition to that, there are those referring to the idea of murder as a conspiracy. In argument, Grant defines a conspiracy theory as, “an agreement between two or more persons or to perpetrate an illegal act” and that conspiracies are very real. His definition goes into depth on the website, as well as the facts on the case.

Even with the negativity the film received, it had taken a great amount of positivity. It has given dedicated fans and experts an opportunity to speak the truth. It was taken into the hands of Dana Dandy from Prague to start a petition on to re-open the case of Kurt Cobains death. As of now, the petition has over 3,000, with a goal of 5,000.

Through her dedication, she has striven to get to the bottom of the case and has even been in contact with the Seattle Police Department Chief, Mrs. O’Toole. By re-opening the case, Dandy, along with thousands of others, believe that it will serve justice for Kurt Cobain, as well the 60 plus copycat suicides after the death of their inspiration.

To sign the petition, go to:

Overall, we can all agree to disagree on the beliefs of Nirvana front-man, Kurt Cobain’s death. There is always more to the story. In conclusion, Soaked in Bleach hits us hard with evidence. It’s up to us to take those facts into consideration.

You can find Soaked in Bleach at Vimeo, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and more.

"Soaked in Bleach" official poster

“Soaked in Bleach” official poster

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