Linkin Park World Premiere Aggresive New Track “Guilty All The Same”

A few months ago in an  interview with AltWire, Mike Shinoda described how the current state of rock music left him wanting something more, stating:

“I’m just saying there’s something missing. I guess it doesn’t have to be “rock,” but I’m at a loss for something else I’d call it. I’m looking for ferocity, innovation, and energy without giving up songwriting, sophistication, and craftsmanship.”

The interview managed to generate great debate and excitement within the Linkin Park community, and left many wondering just how the band intended to breathe life back into a genre that they felt had lost its identity and intensity. Well, Linkin Park fans, it appears Mike and the rest of his band mates have found what they were looking for, and it comes in the form of their daring, aggressive and, dare we say, carnivorous brand new single, “Guilty All The Same”.

From LP’s currently untitled and upcoming new album, due out later this year, “Guilty All The Same” is 5 minutes and 55 seconds of Linkin Park at their fastest and most furious to date. From its blistering two-minute intro to its squealing outro, the single hits you like a hurricane from the very first second and does not let up. “GATS” does not feature the electronic elements that had been found in some of the band’s most recent material, but instead offers something louder, rawer and nastier than we have ever heard from Linkin Park. It also features a surprise appearance from hip-hop legend Rakim, marking the first time a guest vocalist has appeared on one of the band’s studio releases. It’s new, it’s exciting, it’s challenging, and it’s refreshing at a time when rock music has arguably lost some of its edge.

To hear “Guilty All The Same” simply tag any Linkin Park song via your mobile device of choice to be directed to the full stream of Linkin Park’s brand new single, exclusively on Shazam! 

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