Listen To Odd Future’s 24/7 Streaming Radio Station!

tumblr_inline_nbrhnrOU6k1qamoruThe US-rappers from Odd Future have launched their own radio station yesterday. In collaboration with Dash Radio, the commercial free channel is streaming 24/7 on the service’s website. Dash Radio is also available as a free app for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Odd Future’s manager Christian Clancy described the station as being filled solely with their own content: “Basically a 24/7 commercial free station for their shows, their shit, their friends and music they like.. live show on tuesdays. specials.. whatever they come up with.

If the initiative will be successful? Not even Clancy is sure about that: “could be absolutely amazing or a complete disaster.. ha…go eagles.“, he told The Fader.

Decide for yourself! Go to or download the app to get your own taste of Odd Future.

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