The Movement Releases “Cool Me Down”

Morning hair flowing. My dog at the foot of my bed.

I rise up in excitement as today marks the day that The Movement releases their latest track “Cool Me Down”, a teaser for their upcoming album currently in progress. The band’s previous track “SIREN” was released in mid 2017, and was an aware and politically righteous anthem that promoted positive solutions to the deepest of issues. At the time of its release, “SIREN” took how we felt and added lyrics and rhythm to a world in turmoil. The message in the music was loudly heard and wildly received.

With that being said these two releases are completely different.

Recorded in Louisa, VA at White Star Sound, “Cool Me Down” is the lovechild of The Movement and the song’s producer, Mr. Johnny Cosmic and the result is a match made in heady heaven. The vibe of the song instantly gave me the feeling of being teleported to the beach on its hottest days, and from the very beginning of the track, I felt invited to dive right in and ‘cool down’ as I swam among the dolphins. From start to finish “Cool Me Down” soothes you with a perfectly easy tempo, and the end result is nothing short of euphoria.

Be sure to look out for their new album, which is currently still in progress! But be patient: with songs like these, the wait will definitely be worth it.

Check out the track here:

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