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  1. yea ok. trent reznor went soft, mr. shinoda? NO. LP went wayyy too commercial and soft. you lost it years back, although i admit ats was amazing. but living things? *yawns*. and this remix album might be cool, but again, riding on what you think certain people would like. stop idolizing chino, you can’t be him and get your balls back. dork is not in, and it’s inspiring that you help other people but honestly.. you need to help your music career.
    you are one insecure bastard deep down and it shows through your lack of focus. lay off the video games and get real. get back to what you stood for in 99 or loose more fans.

  2. How ironic that Shinoda is biting the ‘Hand that Feeds’, after basing a career on watered down NIN-ish songs you say something like that? You started as watered down NIN and got progressively more watered down. Really, rock is dead, if Trent Reznor can’t revive it, Linkin Park surely won’t, having played a vital role in the death of it. I will guarantee you now that there will be not one song on the new LP record that is harder than ‘In Two’ off of Hesitation Marks.

  3. Hi Natalia, this was a really kickass article. I will definitely download this when I get home!

  4. What if it old you you can listen to full albums on spotify to? 😉 I aswell love listening to albums from start to finish but also enjoy using shuffle on artist/albums to 🙂

    • Haha, of course I was aware that there are full albums on Spotify, but believe me, it is different. On Spotify, I start skipping after a while or skip to another album. The way I listen to music on Spotify is just more hectic, while listening to a CD is relaxing.

  5. Wow. I am really very sorry I just got this comment now (considering I see you everyday lol) Thank you Brett!

  6. Personally, I’m excited! Jack White is amazing 🙂

  7. Arthur Martinez April 28, 2014 @ 5:04 PM

    Well done Mr. Oswald!

  8. How is Mr. Hahn doing in this album???

  9. Great article. Reading such articles makes the wait till June 17 even more difficult.

    This album is going to be f****** awesome! Just can’t wait.

    Rock is not dead. Hail LP m/

  10. I consider myself an amateur CD collector. I’ve always preferred physical copies (but I still get mp3s to avoid scratching them xD), because I love the experience on getting something new in your hands, having a look at the booklet to see the art and lyrics, and of course the music, it’s a little time you have with yourself to relax and enjoy a good album. Unfortunately I don’t listen to that many artists but I just choose to buy the albums from people I do know I like and enjoy.

    My collection will never be as big as many people’s out there but one thing I know for sure is that I love what I have and I hope to keep collecting some more. I hope physical copies never fade, digitalization makes me fear that!

    Great article.

  11. I wonder If there is a balance of Electronic with this as well,It’s looking like they put Hahn in the corner

  12. Huge LP fan here since the beginning and have heard 2 songs from the new album and not interested..they have lost their edge..every album BEFORE this is what I refer to as perfection and music to my ears.

  13. This is going to be an AWESOME album!
    Linkin Park Way to Go!

  14. Go LP!!!! I can’t wait for June 17th!

  15. That’s always been the problem with the “New” Linkin Park. Doesn’t seem to be a good balance at all as they did with the “Hybrid Theory” and “Meteora”. Joe Hahn has been absent in the last 3 albums and this seems to be no different. If you listen to the old albums it was mostly Joe Hahn with the backgrounds, Mike rapping then Chester chrous. Occasionally you’d get a almost all chester song with “Breaking the Habit” but still Joe was there. They really need to go back to their old sound and their producer.

    • I wholeheartedly disagree. To go back to their own sound would simply be doing a retread of what they’ve done before in the past. The whole reason why the band has continuously shifted their sound since Meteora is because they never wanted to be a band with just one sound. They wanted to have the ability to expand as a band, and make the music they wanted to make, without the limits or expectations of others forcing them into making music they couldn’t stand behind. This is a self produced record, meaning this is how the band wanted the record to sound (including Joe). To ask them to go back to an old producer, who will try to meld the sound into what *they* feel it should sound like, will only stifle the band’s creativity. I rated THP 8/10 because it’s the band taking risks and standing confident behind those risks. And I for one, applaud them for not doing what others tell them to do.

  16. Hello.great article for a great album!Do you know if this the last album under their Warner Bros. contact? I remember before some tears that when they first contract was about to expire or was expired,there was some kind of problem between LP and Warner Bros. and they weren’t sign new contract for some time.But eventually they agreed and signed new deal for 5 more albums.If i remember good that was around 2005 or 2006 and since then we have.1)MtM, 2)ATS, 3)LT, 4)Recharged and 5) THH. so what now?

    • Not sure of that to be honest. It’s been assumed that this is either the last or second to last record of their MTM-Era contract, but it hasn’t been made public as to whether or not the band renewed since then. So there could be more albums due on the contract for all we know.

  17. I’m so gonna have to go see them in Ohio. That’s just a few hours from me 🙂

  18. I am one of those wanton fans- wasn’t at the Mann show, though- and I can attest to you that your experience was one of the most docile of all her concerts in the American tour. It’s another level of devotion; the idolisation likens Lana to a god. (By the way- those convinced they personally know Lana refer to her as “Lanz” and not “Lan”)

  19. I loved Lindsey’s music, style, personality and story from the very beginning I saw her. I was never so “up to it” into a band or singer/musician before – but she “hit” me! Even my four children (6-14) all love her – we’re a little fangroup;) . Thanks for the news about the book

  20. I gotta disagree with you. I think it’s absolutely worth it to be THAT close to your favorite musician. Yeah, anxiety attacks are serious, but you don’t understand the love and devotion that people have for their idol.

    • But to me the issue of idolization is what this article is bringing up. Should people really be idolizing someone they don’t know? It’s one thing to love the music, and to attend a concert to experience the music live. But to love and be devoted to a human being who is just another one in seven billion? Who you only know through the carefully created image they project?

      And besides, I think you can support your favorite artists by enjoying their music and attending their concerts without crazily fawning over them and in the process disrupting other fans’ experiences. If it’s about the music, it shouldn’t really matter whether you’re hundreds of feet away from them or right beneath their noses.

  21. P-Nut, we love you, buddy! Good stuff. I, too, love hearing Hive.

  22. Great review, i almost agree with everything you wrote here and the result from B+.
    Its a good way for a “new” TDG i think.

  23. Nice article ! We will never forget Kurt Cobain ” xXxx

  24. love all songs. LP forever the best band. <3

  25. time to go check them out!

  26. I am soooo glad One Step Closer was on here Derek! That song is my fav Linkin Park song!

  27. Cool song, I’m really excited for new album this year, something tells me it may release in the summer around June.

  28. Anything you gentleman do, music is your magic! I crank up my 3DoorsDown cd every time I ride! I can’t wait for warm weather here in Baltimore, so I can slide back the sunroof and lay down some smokin rubber, Rippin up the asphalt and back home dirt strips in my Jeep!
    Hope to see you fellas touring close to Baltimore this year! Keep up the great writing and performing. Your fan always, Abby

  29. robert october March 23, 2016 @ 7:54 PM

    Great voice, almost there. Break out of the norm. Example. (screamin’) “The paths that I have taken, has led me to dead ends.
    The path that leads me to where I want to go, has left the foolish dead.” You set the hook in your version but you didn’t land the fish. All you did was stick on foreplay – you didn’t get me in bed. You have promise.

  30. Yo I completely agree. The duder is fuckin amazing fam. He’s an anamoly that I’m definitely interested in following. He’s at the forefront of something new.

    Great and accurate write-up my friend.

  31. Domo has easily been one of my favorites from Odd Future. I’m a fan of Go Gas (I dig Tyler’s production), but I think that’s just up to taste. I agree with the rating! Another great write-up fam!

  32. So awesome to read this. Chris and andy played a show in my backyard when we were in high school ! The amount of joy I encounter listening to Holland rd is out of this world. It truely brings out that young free teen side that every grown up needs! Life is about having fun and they definatley put the fun and fun-ominal.
    I love you guys dearly. Keep rocking until we are crippled and Chris has a 18 grand kids. Hahahha

  33. Coldplay are most likely coming back to Sydney, my home town, on this tour. If I’m going, I will almost certainly try to request “Swallowed in the Sea”; it’s a song I have such a deep connection to. That said, “Gravity” is something I’d love to hear Coldplay perform live as well. Hopefully some peeps will successfully request both in the timespan of the European and U.S. legs of the tour! 😀

  34. Many Coldplay fans want to hear I Ran Away, which is an amazing B-side of the A Rush Of Blood To The Head Era and has never been played live yet.

  35. I happen to be the drummer’s dad… I have watched this band since its formation in 2012 when the Lads were pimply-faced sophomores (at St. Joe’s Prep) sloggin’-it-out to become members of Mr. Schwartz’s vaunted Rock Band. Back in the day Christian was the hot shot drummer, Dan was the guitar prodigy and Alec was the Folk Rock, acoustic playing singer/songwriter. Brendan had his own band in Moorestown, but he was too busy with the Prep (musical & drama) plays (he was ALWAYS the LEAD!) to be involved in Rock Band back in the day.

    As RFA took form, Alec moved to drums, Christian over to lead guitar and Dan to rhythm guitar. What’s amazing about this band is that every memder plays a wide range of instruments and they are all proficient in each. The original bass player, Steve McAleer, committed to Boston College, so the band was soon forced to find a new bass player as they headed off to college in Philly – a pact the other three made to each other to continue as a band: Alec @ Temple Honors, Christian @ Penn and Dan @ Drexel. Who would the next bass player be?

    Brendan would show up at EVERY RFA show and the band took notice. The problem was that Brendan (also @ Drexel) was also a guitar (specialist) and keyboard player…could he fit? Hell yea! Like the other members of the band, Brendan is super smart and a Winner that was used to working hard (at the Prep) and he fit perfectly with the band! According to Alec’s latest comments to me, “Brendan has become an EXCELLENT bassman!” The band gelled quickly and began a torrid streak of writing songs & playing gigs.

    The fact that these guys are only in their second year of college (all full time students with a rigorous course load) and they find the time to become this tight and to play 3-4 gigs a week is a testament to their commitment to each other and to their craft. This is a band to watch! This band renews my faith & love of Rock & Roll every time that I see them! And as each show’s crowd gets bigger, the buzz builds as the band grows ever tighter.


  36. I could have written this article! Thanks for saying it for me. Bravo.

  37. I love this! I’ve been a die-hard fan since Idol. You’ve said everything I feel. I do love This Loud Morning, though I can understand why you feel about it the way you do. Digital Vein is just amazing! It far exceeded my already high expectations and I can’t stop listening to it either. It is his best work to date. I’ve met and spoke with him several times, and he is so down-to-earth, so real, and so appreciative of his fans. I love that he gives you his full attention when you’re in front of him and gives the best hugs. I will be devoted to him, his music, and his causes until I draw my last breath.

  38. Great article and love the way you describe David when he is singing a song, “Seriously though, David doesn’t just sing the lyrics, he feels them. The feeling takes over his body and somehow regurgitates itself beautifully into these incredible songs. ” That is what I have been trying to say for years but didn’t know how. You got that right on!. I love ‘This Loud Morning’ every album is so good and I think he can’t out write the last album but everytime David does just that. Thanks for a great article.

  39. YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you SO very much for the sweet words! I couldn’t love David any more. I’m thinking a full on Car-pool karaoke session may be in order when he’s in Dallas next week. It seriously puts me on Cloud 9 to hear your feedback. Thank you!!

  40. Love this article and I thought I was the only one who thought God made Daryl Hall, but the one part about Daryl being in the R&B Hall of Fame isn’t true. I did some simple research and he’s not mentioned on the site as being in there or anywhere else for that matter. He did say “The biggest honor of my career was when I won R&B Artist of the Year back in the 1970s. I look at that as a major honor” (according to Brainyquote, again another site you can easily look up), so the writer I guess had the quote in their mind but got it confused and didn’t follow through with research to confirm? Writers these days…

  41. I agree with the article, but…
    “Commercially, this album did more than moderately well, seeing some success with singles, “Light On” and “Come Back to Me”. Time of My Life sold platinum, Light On sold platinum, the first album after David’s victory sold platinum, and Come Back to Me sold gold. So I think he had more than “some success” with that album and the singles. It was also the 13th most sold album of 2013 according to Billboard.
    The second post-victory album is called This Loud Morning, the acoustic EP is called This Quiet Night – names get mixed up when you write in excitement.

    • Thank you for the feedback Leena! I appreciate your comments. I would like to follow up to further explain a bit. I am typically sarcastic in my writing. So, sometimes that can be misconstrued. My “moderate success” comment was meant to be a deliberate understatement. I think this is a good reason for me to follow up my articles with a vlog post. Every story is a learning experience, right? 🙂
      I was, in fact referring to This Loud Morning. This Quiet Night, in my opinion took the best songs from This Loud Morning and gave us a chance to experience them in a solo setting. This Loud Morning is a complete collection meant to be listened to in order. There is a wonderful documentary available on iTunes on the making of this album. Again thank you for the feedback!

  42. I agree with everything you’ve said. David Cook is one of the most underrated artists in the industry. We, his die-hard fans, support him, his music, & his causes because of his amazing talent & the wonderful down-to-Earth man that he is. He truly appreciates his fans & gives you his full attention when you speak to him. His band is very talented, committed, & as nice as he is. I hope people take your advice & go to his live shows, the music is great & they’re so much fun.

  43. The little boy’s name is Henry, not Jack. He’s my son. 🙂

  44. Your recap makes me so happy. David is truly a great artist and deserves packed shows. I wish more people would figure this out and come to his shows they are so worth it as you said. I will never understand why he is so underrated while others you can not even carry a note and do not care at all make it big. I am just glad that I can go to his shows and buy his GOOD music! 🙂

  45. Ahhhh Thank you for a wonderful recap!!! I couldn’t have said it better if I was there w my heart reporting! Ive been a David Cook Fan from the First… he has taken me on a journey filled w thrills, chills, tears, and amazing MUSIC! Nothing makes me happier than reading a review ….like yOurs …because yOu “GET” him … his heart and his soul are fueled by his music! David ‘performs” on stage, captivating his audience… mesmerizing them with his passion! Both his wit and charm project through … straight to the hearts of ALL listeners!! It’s been said that “the only thing BIGGER than David Cook’s talent… is his huge heart”! His compassion and humble appreciation complete this “Perfect Package”!! David is a Shining Star and deserves to be recognized for ALL he iS!! Every LIVE Cook concert is unique and leaves his audience on an Adrenalin high! With all that being said…. David Cook is a Gift …. and his Music…. May it Play On and On!!!! ~ NyCArole

  46. You missed Depeche Mode. Thats his first major influence. He said it on the Dead By Sunrise Interview

    • Thanks for reading! Depeche Mode definitely is a huge influence on Chester for sure! There are actually many artists and bands that Chester didn’t name during our interview that influenced his sound. Depeche Mode and Foreigner being two of them.

  47. Andrew Skrobarczyk October 18, 2016 @ 9:28 PM

    Amy is a genuinely lovely person and a huge talent. She makes her own unique styles herself, which is awesome, and her devotion to family only makes me love her more. Her children’s album shows a side of her sweet nature and strength as an artist. I found her music only recently, so every song is new to me and timeless. Aerosmith is still filling the venues and I know she will as well.

  48. Secret Doo

  49. So the last track on Lost Whispers is “Secret Doo” ? -_-

  50. Mairen von Halls October 30, 2016 @ 11:54 AM

    Evanescence is amazing.

  51. Interesting point of view about this Lana concert experience. She is also a favorite of mine and when I saw her at Molson amphitheater back in 2015 I luckily did not get this type of experience. I agree on certain points you draw such as the over idolization of the artist, they are human after all, as well as the weird need to watch a concert through the lenses of a phone. I think it’s ok to snap a couple of pictures or record some songs if you truly want to relive the show afterwards but you shouldn’t be glued to the screen the entire night. Overall, interesting to see a completely different view about a Lana concert than I had. Your prose/rant was entertaining and funny to read. I do wish there were some photos or other scannable features to help break up the text and make the page more vivid (memes/gifs would be great and add to the humour), however, this post was still good. Thanks for the story.

  52. Spot on Amanda. Great review! This was my first Evanescence show. I’ve seen the World Stage concert on Palladium channel and have it DVR’d to watch whenever. I was so blown away by how powerful her vocals are live. So much emotion is put into every song and you almost feel bad that your enjoying some really painful and dark songs so much. My Heart Is Broken was so awesome I almost concert cried. 🙂 That will not be my last Evanescence show. Thanks for the review and letting me relive the show again. m/

  53. Sounds good! Luv the beat and the msg!

  54. Pretentious drivel.

  55. Well written article.

    While I like some of the new songs, the old Train is a much better and authentic band. I would take “Hopeless”, “Parachute” or “I Am” over the current batch of songs.

    For a long time, Pat has run the show and is making the music he wants to make and be heard on the radio – and what’s playing on the radio is this overproduced pop.

    I think Pat, who is extremely talented and smart, needs to take a break from Crush Management and give Scott and Jimmy a call and talk over some fried chicken and soy lattes.

  56. I totally agree with you. This band is something special – the quality and complexity of the music along with the sincerity of the performances is totally compelling. I think they will, like Muse, grow in popularity as they gain more exposure.

  57. Commercialism isn’t for everyone. Train will have plenty of sheep drooling over whatever they do, they don’t need me anymore. Have not liked their sound since Save Me San Fran.

  58. Am I the only one who thinks that Train has turned into one giant ego stroke for Pat?

  59. Amy Lee my princess forever , l Love you???????

  60. This kid is very talented …Great voice!!

  61. Really disappointed to what I have just read and Jimmy Stafford’s part-time status. Is doubly confusing. How do you that to someone you have been standing side by side and his twitter messages give off a completely different vibe. You can tell he disagreed with the song selections for this CD. It does not work either. The songs are terrible and belong to an all girl or boy band not Train. Is this really worth it?

  62. I agree with Paul. Something is big time amiss with Pat’s uncontrollable desire to be the king of everything. My wife says from the look of his trousers…. Well, you can figure out what she says.

  63. It’s not risky when pop music is the most popular thing on the radio and what everyone listens to

    • See my reply to Joshua.

    • If you are Linkin Park and you are well known mostly for screamy rap/rock tunes that contain heavy guitar, it a super huge risk to make a pop record that s not aggressive at all and contains only one rap song. It s like if Coldplay would team up with SOAD for the next record : really risky. It woud have been really safe for LP, in my opinion,to put out a HT part 3 instead of MTM or A Thousand Suns and it would have been safe for them to put out a New Divide type of song instead of Heavy, but they didn t 😉

      • Michele gets it 100%.

        • Totally wrong. It isn’t risky. Pop is mainstream you buy music you like. Pop is mainstream because it’s likeable. People don’t care about what band releases which song as long as ist sounds good.
          What’s the problem in this case? It’s a lot of people see linkin park changing to mainstream. It’s not challenging at all. Give me 3 minutes and I’ll make a good pop song. A German comedian proved it with a song written by apes…. Sorry but this is bulls***

          • Thank you for your opinion, but I will respectfully will have to agree to disagree with you on this one.

    • It is risky when a sizeable section of the fanbase gets offended. Like you, for instance.

  64. Joshua Norton May 14, 2017 @ 5:38 AM

    I don’t consider it risky or daring to make music in the blandest, most easily accessible to the lowest common denominator genre of noise, that can play innocuously in the background of stores and commercials. A Thousands Suns was risky. It was bizarre and challenging and at times completely nonsensical, but it was interesting. Engaging. Admirable. “Heavy” was just about the most anodyne string of vaguely sad platitudes I’ve ever heard. I cannot believe how much I hate this sound. It conforms perfectly with every example I’ve ever used of bad music. Honestly, Linkin Park’s lyrics have never been brilliant, but their delivery, the energy, the bite, is what made them so powerful. This is the opposite of all of that, and every single song on this release gave me the exact opposite of what I wanted to hear from what is one of my favorite bands in the world.

    • People who tell Linkin Park that they’re not risky because they’ve gone pop fail to realize that they are the ones the band is taking the risk on. The band is risking losing fans like you, and that in itself is risky and daring. You hated the album, and that’s the chance the band was taking! Playing it safe would be making rock for the rest of their careers to appease the ‘rocktivists’ of the world.

  65. I feel these people are just crying​. Make a hybrid theory part 3? That’d be redundant and boring as hell. Part of why LP is my favorite band is because they take risks. Minutes to midnight is still my favorite album of theirs because it was the first to show that they weren’t afraid to take risks and embrace a poppier sound. Living things is easily their worst album because you can tell they tried to make a record just to please the fans and it came out as crap. If you love old Linkin Park, including tracks such as My December, Breaking the habit, or even A cure for the itch, then you acknowledge that they have been poppy from the get go. That was part of their initial appeal, that they were a hybrid of different genres. That has yet to change. If these people want to keep whining about what the band has been doing for decades now, why are they even here? To stroke their ego and try to tell a worldwide successful band what type of music they should or shouldn’t be making? If you don’t like the new sound (by the way, Heavy sounds​ just like Pushing me away w out guitars) then don’t buy the album. Just go somewhere else to cry about it, cause y’all sound like spoiled brats who got their candy bar taken away and are refusing to eat the broccoli in front of them, as though broccoli doesn’t hold it’s own.

  66. You failed to disclose any information regarding hiring additional writers for the album, like they’ve never done so outside of collaborations, this most definitely does not sound like Linkin Park, and if it weren’t for Mike and chesters recognizable voices, thsee songs would get lost in the ocean of all the other bland pop music. I’m not crying about Hybrid Theory so don’t pull that card, I’ve never been able to chose my favorite album because I love them all, but so far OML is a horrible representation of what Linkin Park is capable of, everything about the album screams “generic” and “this isn’t us.”

    • It’s not necessary to disclose said info since Linkin Park are far from being the only band or artist out there who have hired outside writers. And for the record, the band still wrote the tracks. They just had outside writers looking over the lyrics and contributing occasional ideas.

      It’s not the first time they’ve done it either. They had outside help on Final Masquerade.

      Lastly, you’re not the band. So technically what’s “us” is up to the 6 members of the band.

  67. Stephen Burrows May 14, 2017 @ 7:33 PM

    Been a fan since the start , not going to lie , the new tracks took some adjusting to but now I love them ! As the reviewer said many times in his review , the guys are into there 40’s now , they have mellowed and matured and I’m glad they are willing to take risks, would be boring listening to the same style of music for 20 years.

  68. My favorite album from Linkin Park by far is Minutes To Midnight, so I’m not one of those fans who only want to hear Hybrid Theory over and over again. I also listen to tons of different kinds of music that is much different than Hybrid Theory. I just cannot get into this album at all from what I’ve heard so far. It’s the exact kind of music that I’ve always hated. I really have never been a fan of R&B or pop done in this style, and I’m also not huge on hip-hop, either. I like a lot of alternative rock, indie rock and electronic based music primarily, so you can see why Minutes To Midnight would be my favorite out of all of their albums. I hated Heavy right from the first listen when it came out way back in February. Battle Symphony wasn’t my cup of tea, either, but I would say it’s probably the least offending of the tracks I’ve so far heard. Good Goodbye was one that I disliked even more than Heavy, and Invisible was probably on par with Battle Symphony. I’ve heard Talking To Myself (Live) and One More Light (Live) and I’m definitely not a fan of Talking To Myself based off of what I heard. One More Light is ok, but I feel like they already accomplished the sound of that song on many songs from Minutes To Midnight. The thing that bothers me the most is that I know Linkin Park can do better than this. In recent years, they have wanted to make the band more of a brand and have come forth publicly about it. Having guest writers and vocal coaches come in for this album also bothers me a lot, especially the vocal coach, because nobody can say that Chester Bennington ever sings badly, he is an amazing singer, and a lot of super groups out there have recognized that over the years, even outside of Linkin Park. It bothers me because Linkin Park used to write all of their own music on their own, just the six of them, and I really respected that about the band. It made for good music. Now, I haven’t really enjoyed Linkin Park’s music since Minutes To Midnight (wasn’t a fan of A Thousand Suns, Living Things or The Hunting Party), so I can’t fully be that upset here, I guess. But I really wanted to like this album, I tried hard to, but in the end, I just couldn’t get into the songs. Maybe the songs I have yet to hear from the album will change my mind, but I doubt, based off of the descriptions.

  69. They make millions of dollars, they don’t give a shit about what the fans want them to make. They make their own music and people will still buy it. If you don’t like it, just don’t listen to it!

  70. First i’m not against LP to take risk in anyway, we all take risks in our life we all try something new, but i wished LP take risk and make something more uniq, and that what i used to hear from LP, more uniq sound, different and wonderful. They made 10 soundtrack or less to tell stories they could do it on singles, or maybe and LPU album, but i’m not agree with a hall pop album, its not i don’t like pop music, but what they are making its not a cooler pop music, its just like LP members talking about stories, that they can tell in 100 different way.
    I’ve been Enjoying music from all kind, pop-rock-dance-dubstep…etc but this is not what i was looking for, or what i was expecting, well LP can take any risks they are the band and they are the musicians-composers, but this album not my type … hope next album be good enough.

    • theyll never ba good enough album! theyve totally lost it! they are not the creative and innovative band they used to be

  71. i think all of the music of one light is good… i mean more than good. i am linkin park fan.. so whatever they did.. i truly love it… so fuck all negative reviews. just enjoy one more light.

  72. If you don’t like this album, I wouldn’t worry so much about the band. Knowing Linkin Park, their next album will be something completely different anyway. This is what has kept them going for so long.

  73. “Owl City-esque” is not something I wanted to read about a song, but, I’ll still be giving it a shot.

    I do feel like there’s so much undeserved hate with almost anything LP does, but on the flip, and perhaps because of it, fans feel more need to defend it and lost objectivity when critically analyzing.

    It’s all subjective at the end of the day, so, to each their own, I guess.

  74. Thanks for giving me some hope. I must admit I did not like “Heavy”. In fact I have been hearing that song play on the local Top 40 station some people listen to here at work, and I had NO IDEA it was LP! I am all for a band broadening their horizons and I like LP enough to give anything they do a chance.

  75. For the record, we welcome critical opinions of this review. We encourage both people who love the record, as well as people who completely hate the record to comment on this story. This album isn’t for everyone, and that’s both understandable and respectable.

    However, comments consisting of personal attacks against other people in this comment thread (including the writer) will not be tolerated. If you cannot express your negative opinions respectfully, maturely or with dignity…please don’t bother wasting energy in replying. Your comments will NOT be approved.

    • Oh yes, only comments praising new album will be approved. Got it

      • Since you blindly commented without reading, let’s quote the very post you just replied to: “We encourage both people who love the record, as well as people who completely hate the record to comment on this story. This album isn’t for everyone, and that’s both understandable and respectable.”

        How much clearer can you get that both negative and positive comments on the album are welcome than that? Go ahead and talk about how much you hate the album. That’s welcome and encouraged. Just don’t personally attack people.

  76. I attended Train’s concert in Birmingham, AL this past Wednesday. Train has stated on many occasions that B’ham is the city that gave them their start and they were so happy to return and perform a fantastic show. As a long, long time fan (first saw them at a local concert series Big Spring Jam in Huntsville, AL in ’97/’98) I have traveled to larger cities to see their performances and this is the first time I have been disappointed.
    When California 37 was released, I didn’t purchase the music until I had purchased that year’s concert tickets. I was not totally disappointed but I did find that there were very few songs that I enjoyed on that album. I thought it had to be a one off and that Bulletproof Picasso was going to be back on track (no pun intended) but yet again, I was disappointed. I have not purchased any music from A Girl, A Bottle, A Boat and after attending the associated concert, I will not be purchasing any of the music.
    I am hoping that if enough of their fans come together, maybe Train (or I should say Pat Monahan since he is the only original member) will listen and return to the style that had all of us following them in the first place.
    The lyrics and sounds they produced on their first three albums and some of the songs on For Me, Its You and Save Me San Francisco are what made me buy concert tickets for them year after year, sometimes twice in one year!. My usual excitement of attending their concerts started to drop after Save Me San Francisco tour and this last concert I remember telling my boyfriend that I really didn’t even want to go because I didn’t want to be further disappointed. In all honesty, I would have not purchased the tickets, which started at $60 and went up to much more than I would ever spend, had Live Nation not been running a summer sale; $20 each for the tickets. After the concert was over, I remember thinking “I drove 1 1/2 hours and sat in the rain for this?” The only bright spots with the whole concert was Trains older songs and O.A.R. as an opener. The other opener was Natasha Bedingfield; I was not impressed and I was horrified when she sang Bruises with Monahan. Speaking of Monahan, I hope that his voice box was sore or he was suffering from a cold. His usual alto-tenor range was very restricted and the 2 female back-up singers did much of the high notes. To my knowledge, Train has never had back-up singers and it has been my experience that male singers use female back-up singers for this purpose only when they are ill or when they have aged beyond the high notes. It may be that Train is no longer the engine that could and that they need to be moved off the main lines. (sorry for that, couldn’t help myself)

    Through all of this rambling, I have realized that if this is the way Train continues to go, I will have to give up my “trainiac” (hate that name) status and just listen to their good songs when I need a fix. By the way, in my opinion, their debut album is still the best and my favorite song, which I think is terribly under rated, is I’m About to Come Alive from My Private Nation

    • I just saw Train last night in Mansfield, MA…6/11/17…..While I still loved it, I do miss Jimmy Stafford on Guitar…., and Scott on the drums. It just didn’t seem the same without them. I do love their earlier albums more the past few and I totally agree with you kiki123789 that “I’m About to Come Alive” is one of the best Train songs ever!! I think My Private Nation is a fantastic album and another of my favorite’s is “If It’s Love” from Save me San Francisco.

    • Agree with a lot of your points as I have recently seen a show:
      >Bruises is a disaster with Natasha singing it. Please stop this duet
      > Pat did sound different – thought it was the sound system
      >OAR put on a great show
      > I’m About to Come Alive is a terrific Charlie Colin song – underrated release from Train

      • I saw them in Wantagh NY in June. I agree, the Bruises duet was terrible… and Pat’s voice sounded weird. My friend and I looked at eachother as soon as he started singing, and wondered if he had a cold or something..

  77. #iHeartMikeyMike!

  78. Michelle Woodcock May 29, 2017 @ 9:45 AM

    I think you mean 2011 was the last tour for Lifehouse?

  79. This is gonna be’s awesome 🙂

  80. I don’t get it– Pat did his own thing back in 2007. Last of Seven was completely different than A Girl A Bottle A Boat… yet to my knowledge, Last of Seven was entirely his doing. I’m surprised and confused as to how he thinks AGABAB is the “most fulfilling’ thing he’s written.

    I miss Train. I’ve sat in line for 7 hours waiting for their free concerts and I’ve driven hours to see them, in 3 different states. My dogs’ registered names are lines from their songs. I cannot tell you the last time I went a day without listening to at least one of their songs, or more realistically, several. The last time I saw them was 2015, and it was eye opening– the late teens seated near me who fawned over songs I can’t stand (Mermaid is easily my least favorite song, well, besides the entire AGABAB album), and didn’t know any of the words to Drops or Free or any of the original Train songs. I won’t be seeing this year’s tour. I’m heartbroken to have lost a band that has meant so much to me for so long… so I guess I’ll just keep listening to the “old” stuff. Also, Jimmy is releasing his solo stuff– really looking forward to that.

    • AGABAB is a good release with a lot of fun party songs BUT it is not music Train fans would expect based on prior records.
      Pat wanted to bring a more positive vibe to this release – good for him – there is too much negativity in this world.

      I will say You Better Believe is an outstanding song and will be really interested to see what Train will do next

  81. I have not bought AGABAB but I have to listened to it on Spotify several times. It’s not good. There are maybe three songs that are worth a damn. The rest of it sucks. I have always found some songs to like and relate on every album. This one just blows. I am hopeful that they sound better live in a few weeks. It struck me as odd when Scott after Save Me San Francisco and how Jimmy has been removed & reduced to a part-time role. He was a founding member of the band. He is a very good guitar player. Also, I think people got carried away with criticism of the Led Zeppelin II tribute album. That what it was meant to be. It was an album that influenced them as young adult males. Their influence and sound helped shaped them as musicians. That’s all they were trying to say. This album had a big impact on me, not we can do it better than Led Zeppelin. Yet this album

  82. Ana Sabrina George June 24, 2017 @ 2:43 PM

    This summer was my 4th time seeing Train in Bristow, Va. I am happy I went! Look, every band evolves. Their sounds are never stagnant. Just look at the Beatles. I am so sorry Jimmy was not there, and I can’t wait to hear his new album, but frankly, my life is filled with pressure, and going to a concert where I can drink, sing along, and let off steam is not a bad thing. The goers included kids, Trainiacs, new fans, and people who are sick of Washington DC. My favorite song from the new album is “Working Girl” and he paid tribute to strong females across time and cultures. I lost it when Princess Leia’s image went up. I am not sure what happened behind the scenes, but his back up singers have been there the last 4 times and they have gorgeous voices. It’s ok to like pop, and acoustic, and classical, and country, etc. And musicians are human. They are going to change. As long as it continues to be fun I will continue to be the Trainiac I have been since “Meet Virginia.”

  83. Austin Micheal Duncan June 26, 2017 @ 12:07 AM

    I personally don’t care either way what type of music they release. I’ve always enjoyed their music, but I’ve never been a hardcore fan. I can say it is quite disappointing as I am a rocktivist (I hate labels), I would have loved more metal related releases from them. But they as a band have the right to make decisions for what they release. It is THEIR music, right?

    My only problems is that my girlfriend Kaylee loves them. She has since she was 8 years old, she’s been to several summits and has seen them four times. She is trying her best to maintain her interest but to see them release the generic pop sound that she hates more than I do, it crushes her. She knows they’re better than that.

    We are still supporting them either way. #BlinkinPark is going to be a great show!!

  84. Awesome! Great review for not only her fans, but for new ones as well! She is on her way to the top and its a great ride for her fans to watch this! We are here for the ride!!

  85. What else would you expect from young teens raised with little moral compass and Underdeveloped brains.

    • Try to get close but be civilised.. How are you gonna fight people, and see them having anxiety attacks just to stand close to a woman (though I love her to bits) lets face it, probably doesn’t give a shit about your life.. How? will Lana injure someone else to see you?
      I’m seeing her in milan and Rome in April.. I’m 27 and a guy from the hood.. All I need is to be at the back with a big spliff

  86. ♡ IT’S ALL GOOD!

  87. Glad its an A+ an amazing band.

  88. Can’t wait to hear this, but I will wait until it comes all the way to Portugal and listen to it the right way. I was lucky enough to see them live one last time on this tour in Madrid, and a part of me died with Chester. almost 5 months in and I still can’t deal with his death, and I don’t know if I ever will. He trully was the voice of my life.

  89. Nice review, can’t wait to hear the album.
    “When the album first begins and the lyrics to ‘Roads Untraveled’ play through a vocoder” – sounds cool, I also think that the One More Light acapella intro that Chester sang in Berlin would have been an awesome introduction to the album.

  90. You have taken all the words out of my mouth, I am even more excited to here this albulm now, but I will also be weary as it is the last time we will here his voice on an albulm. Thank you

  91. Beautiful review. I have listened to the digital version a few times and I love it, but it’s so hard as you find yourself singing along and then you suddenly remember that you will never be able to hear those songs live. I ordered the CD but haven’t been able to open it yet, still dealing with denial I guess…

  92. I’ve been listening to this EP over and over since it came out. It’s so cathartic. I’m grateful Mike Shinoda shares this with us. He said he had more tracks in the making so let’s hope we’ll hear more.

  93. I am also a big Lana Fan ,but I wouldn´t go either to her concert because of those FUCKING BITCHES who scream and yell all the time.It´s just horrible and disrespectful.

  94. Best thing that happened to me in 2017 is that I found this duo

  95. SoundCloud automatically finds copyrighted material and took mine down instantly.

      • Upload your remix to YouTube and submit that that way, we will accept it. Just make sure to use Remix Post Traumatic as a tag on the video, and use #REMIXPOSTTRUAMATIC in the title.

    • Upload your remix to YouTube and submit that that way, we will accept it. Just make sure to use Remix Post Traumatic as a tag on the video, and use #REMIXPOSTTRUAMATIC in the title.

  96. Hello, currently having an issue. I just tried uploading my remix to YouTube, and within seconds, they took it down…before I even had a chance to add the tag in the title. I really want to submit it for this contest. I’m hesitant to upload it to SoundCloud, cause I’ve had two tracks of mine taken down in the past. What should I do? When I tried to upload it to YouTube, they blocked it worldwide, but I see other entries that remain up. Help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  97. Will be demo versions examined? For example, if I won’t finish the remix by the time, can I upload what is already done as demo?

  98. I talked to some of the judges on the other forums about this, but I’m worried that I’ll be disqualified so I really want to make sure that this is okay. I have an interview of Mike Shinoda that’s a central part of my remix. On the Linkin Park forums they said it was okay, but I wasn’t sure if this was considered copyrighted material. Do you know if I’ll be disqualified since I have an interview? Again, on LPA they said it was okay, but I want to double check.

  99. Hey, so can I upload a remix to Soundcloud or YouTube without it getting a copyright strike? I did a remix only to the song “A Place To Start”, so I’m going to send you 2 links of it, one on YouTube and one on Soundcloud incase one if them will go down, is this ok?

    • We are allowing YouTube uploads if SoundCloud strikes it. SoundCloud SHOULD be okay now as Warner cleared all Post Traumatic songs, but if it’s not, submit via YouTube. If that (YouTube) is still giving you crap? Let us know.

      • YouTube is still giving me crap 🙁

        • Have you tried SoundCloud? Someone who was having trouble wrote us to say SoundCloud no longer is blocking their entry.

          • Yeah, Soundcloud does work 🙂
            I uploaded to both platforms, because I didn’t know which one won’t get taken down

      • Do you know how to get past the Youtube copyright claim? I know other users got theirs uploaded, but mine got taken down within seconds.

        • Well I tried to send them the link to this page, so they’ll see that this is an official remix contest, now waiting for their response 🙂

  100. How can I find out that my links were received and listened by judge?

  101. Hi,i just want to double check if my track has been submitted by the artist nam ‘Zu’.
    I have really worked hard for it.I hope the opportunity don’t slip away fro my hand.
    Could you please confirm ? if not i will re fill the form again.Thanks.

  102. I put 2 videos (Over Again and Watching as I Fall) with just vocals added on YouTube a couple days after the EP came out and hadit tagged for copyright, but they allowed it to stay up with monetization for Warner. Wierd that it is giving problems now.

    On another note, SoundCloud allowed me to post tonight, though I have modified it a little more.

  103. Mark you made a mistake with your review… For “Chasing The First Time”, Matt doesn’t repeat “the first time, the first time within the space of barely 20 seconds”. He sings “the first time, the first HIGH”. Also I don’t get why everyone says Human is generic and uninspired. Does the tracks “Fallen Angel”, “Car Crash”, “Nothing’s Fair In Love And War” not stand out?

  104. There wasn’t a confirmation when the entry submission, right?

  105. You have been able to describe in a masterly way the skilful work of this band met by chance. They impressed me greatly and I find in your considerations all the emotions that I feel listening to their wonderful music. Thank you so much for this review!

  106. Interpretation of this album has to be viewed from two different angles…both meaning a new beginning. The two stories are woven in and out bringing the emotions of years of struggle to an end. One to recoup the pinnacle of success and one to finally realize the dream was not just a dream! Their roads finally crossed and magic resulted in the blending of enormous talent. Followers of both are the true winners as we watch this evolve into a whole new era of music. STP has inherited a huge group of new fans that also breathes in a new energy and freshness. Hold on folks ’cause the ride is just beginning …. the train is leaving the station!

  107. I wanna know guys… Are views and plays in Soundcloud and Youtube important to win, or it’s only the judges business?
    Because I think its unfair because there are bigger artist with a fanbase made.

  108. Hi, I submitted the Youtube link, because everybody was having trouble on soundcloud, but I have it on both platforms with the required Hashtag, can you confirm my submission please? Under DC Productions, the song “over again” . Thanks

  109. Great interview! I just saw STP this week in San Francisco, and it was a fantastic show. Jeff Gutt did an amazing job, and was especially great on “Atlanta”. Just nailed it! I’m psyched that Stone Temple Pilots has come back to life!

  110. I never was a fan of STP. Grunge wasn’t my thing at all. I did like a couple three tracks by the band (obvious ones),but overall-not my cuppa. And tho Weiland (RIP) was their calling card,I never cared for his style or tone. Then I heard the ’08 ‘reunion’ album-also self-titled. I heard a different band musically. It sounded like they were trying a bit harder to induce some melody and classic rock elements into their style. I really dig that album,if not so much Weilland’s style,as mentioned. I recently got the ep with Chester Bennington,and I like that and preferred his vocals. Now enter the next phase with Jeff Gutt…LOVED all four of the pre-released tracks. Got the Best Buy version today (release day) with two solid bonus tracks (way to go,BB!). I know I’m going to dig this a lot and it will continue to grow with repeated spins–it just has that sort of vibe to it. Catchy enough after the first listen–but DEF will grow to greater heights. That sort of describes their music anyway–it’s always been angular/offbeat rock. But now it’s much more palatable for me with Gutt on vocals. Great new album by STP and I think they’ve pulled off that rare element of pleasing both older and many newer fans with this one! Major kudos to them and long may they rock on! Terry K.

  111. Hello to all of you of AltWire, I am Planet Saver of the group MEDUSA DRAGON that I founded, I just wanted to tell you that I hope that my two remixes are not underestimated, because I put all my love and passion for music and all the my experience of 26 as a musician, and an honor for me to write to you, I hope for a positive result. Thanks for everything

  112. Just realised there was a typo in my tag, i fixed it now, hope this doesn’t break the deal…what a bummer if so!!

  113. Hi, i just wanted to make sure that my submission was accepted. I posted it to Sound cloud pretty close to the deadline, which is why I’m concerned.

  114. midnightdreams74 March 21, 2018 @ 10:41 AM

    good stuff!

  115. Just wondering, when will the results be announced… a week? Is that what you guys mean by “week of March 20th”?

  116. Hello, can anyone tell me when the winners of the RemixPostTraumatic will say?

  117. Excuse me for Italian, I wanted to say Thanks 😉

  118. all we have to do is a pray and wait patiently..;)

  119. Did Mike them all? The one by Dpark too?? that one’s insane in terms of how, Dimitri, the singer’s voice resembles Chester”

  120. Just went to a LDR concert, and had a pretty similar experience as you. Most of the audience were girls aged 16-21. The group in front of me were smoking weed, and blew their smoke into everyone else’s face next to them. They also kept on trying to push everyone out of the way so they could get a good view. Half the people around me were chilled and just enjoying the show, while half of them were recording her performing every 5 minutes, and posting it on instagram/snapchat/facebook live. Some look like they got bored and just started to browse facebook/instagram. I definitely agree with you that to them, going to the concert and bragging about it to their friends on instagram, seemed like a higher priority than actually enjoying Lana’s music.

  121. Now that the RemixPostTraumatic contest has reached its end, are we enabled to edit our remixes and add more elements to them? For example, you submitted your remixes into the contest, but now that it’s over, you want to add more to them and refine them, maybe mix and master it better, or add original vocals. Can we do that now that the contest is completed? Also, can we share them to YouTube, if they were just on SoundCloud?

    • Since the judging period is over, feel free to modify your remix as you see fit. 🙂

  122. great review. Love the balanced approach. Has enticed me to listen openely

  123. Very well written. I wasn’t even looking for a review, just an answer as to whose voice I was hearing on “Remedy”. I stumbled across this and enjoyed the read immensely.

    • Thank you! We always try to present our opinions in a way that is enjoyable and gets the point across well. We’re very happy you enjoyed it!

  124. Thanks for a balanced review. MARS continues to evolve and I like that–I’m not the same person I was 20-some years ago either! Totally agree that Remedy is one of the strongest cuts on this diverse album. It really sticks with me.

  125. Well done. Accurate accounting of the newer style and change this band is brave enough to make. Thank you for your clear insight… great band.

  126. Thats great guys amazing work

  127. Really enjoyed reading this. Feel inspired.

  128. Just read your post, because my wife just called me from a LDR concert and told me about…

    1) aggressive teenage girls pushing their way to the front row, besides the fact that my wife paid 200 bucks to stand there
    2) everyone shouting so loud that you can’t hear the actual singing
    3) just seeing a bunch of phones, because everyones shoving their camera in front of your face to get a good shot of Lana
    4) having to wait 1,5h after entrance for the concert to start without being able to leave or being allowed to take anything to eat or drink with you

    Everything you say seems to be 100% accurate. Thanks for the good laugh.

  129. “V” *Is For Vagina and *Delicious 🙂

    • Me and Mark both proofread and somehow missed it through several readthroughs. LOL. Woops! Thanks though!

  130. Great song! Totally kick-ass!

  131. As long as we’re giving grades, I give the above review a D.
    What he shoulda wrote was that Shinedown just put out another great album, adding to their string of several great albums.

    The first thing you notice is the musicianship. This is a very dramatic, artistic, hard-rocking album with a multitude of interesting melodies. This album uses a huge number of huge guitar licks from Zach Myers, thunderous drums from Barry Kerch, dramatic room filling bass (and other instruments) from Eric Bass, and soaring piercing gravelly vocals from Brent Smith. On this album they like to create songs that are kinda musically bi-polar, starting out with a melody and mood of a song, only to change it to a completely different melody and mood midway through.

    The second thing you notice is that this album does indeed have a theme, which is very psychological, very concerned with how we treat each other, how we feel about ourselves and our outlook on life. All the songs follow that theme, and its not a new theme for the band. So what you get here is a band at their best, giving you what Shinedown usually gives you: great rock and roll that lifts you emotionally and makes you think. Think Velvet Revolver mixed with Lincoln Park.

    Regarding the quantity of songs, I think Shinedown’s millions of fans will appreciate the extra music, and I don’t understand how a reviewer could criticize that. I didn’t hear one song that sounded like a filler.

    • We gave this album a good grade, so your anger feels a bit misdirected. If you look at the Facebook post we made to accompany this as well as the overall score, it was positive. The reviewer enjoyed it but didn’t think it was perfect, which it wasn’t. It was a great album but it had its flaws. It wasn’t as if we gave it a failing grade. I’m not quite sure where your anger is coming from, but we didn’t trash the album. Thanks for commenting.

  132. The Girl with the Shinedown Tattoo May 30, 2018 @ 10:44 AM

    Hubristic?? Definitely describes the reviewer. It is apparent the reviewer spends more time with his nose in a thesaurus than listening to rock albums. However, everyone has a right to their opinion. I feel the album definitely captures the essence of the band in their current state as do their other five albums at the time they were released. There is no other band that puts the same level of craftsmanship into their albums. Then again I’m probably a bit biased.

    • You’re welcome to your opinion and the beauty of opinions is that everybody has them, and that they can differ greatly from person to person. This being said, questioning our ability to review albums is not going to bully us into giving albums that are not exactly perfect, a perfect score. Your fandom for the band is admirable, and they no doubt appreciate your fervor for their music, but we stand by this score and won’t change it no matter how many angry Shinedown fans find our comment section.

  133. I can relate with this story on the situation America faces with PTSD, I suffer from depression as well and to have heard the tragic death of Chester Bennington in a sense part of me died as well because his music sent me to a better place at the moment.
    I love Linkin Park and always will …….Thank you Mike Shinoda and members of Linkin Park…stay strong for those who also suffer from depression and PTSD. Miss you Chester Bennington I hope you found peace where your at.

    • Hey man, don’t ever give up your fight. I struggle from depression too and it’s an ugly battle but Chester would want us to fight back and stay strong. Let’s do it for Chester!

  134. Thanks Derek, i just wanted to say that my kids enjoy listening to LP too, I also live for them .

  135. The title track simply neeeeeded to sound as good as this!

  136. I wholeheartedly agree that Mike has made amazing strides from start to finish of this tour I was in PA for a festival where I cried like a baby during Mike’s set. It was a the front end of the tour and he even said he went to a dark place for a minute. I hadn’t cried that hard in months. I was also at the Maryland show, and I felt exactly what you said. Mike has grown so much, but there is more peace about him, and the show wasn’t sad at all. I got a little teary during In The End, but it lasted only a moment. Getting to experience the start and finish of this tour is such a gift. The healing aspect has me immensely grateful that Mike pushed on. He’s simply amazing, and even that’s a massive understatement.

  137. It seems to me that much or most of the ‘new’ music we hear today is formulated and therefore sounds very much like the song one heard before. The lyrics in many cases are totally inaudible and the melodies instantly forgettable. I sent one of my songs titled Katie Katie to the BBC here in the UK and though they like it they said that it sounded like a demo and would therefore not get any plays. It is a simple fun R’n’R song which everybody who has heard it agrees is a lot of fun. Because it doesn’t meet with today’s sounds it gets shelved. Here’s a link to the video

    Here’s another which I wrote hoping to energise people especially younger ones

    I keep trying but it’s just so hard to crack it at 78 years old : -)

  138. Saw him in salt lake. Traveled from Boise. My daughter got a hug. Great show.

  139. Great article! The gramercy theatre show was actually in June though and was one of the best nights of my life.

  140. I am 100 percent disabled due to PTSD from my service as an Infantryman in The Army during OIF. Linkin Park’s Meteora was the soundtrack of that war to me and let me know even years after, that I wasn’t alone. I have been Sober from Alcohol for 2 years now and would love to have a shot at singing some of those songs with Shinoda and the rest of the band. I love reading about artists like him bringing awareness and togetherness to an otherwise isolating disability. I almost killed myself because of guilt and shame, now I have a peace like I have never known, and the songs of LP still resonate with me today. Keep up the awesome work Mike, you are this Veteran’s hero!

  141. Incredibly well written! I was also at the Maryland show and it was truly amazing!

  142. It’s a peek, not a peak. Also, I adore RATD.

  143. I like it I would deffinlity buy it. It is not the same without Chester RIP life goes on and regardless I will always be a fan

  144. I miss Abandoned Pools and hope that one day they will have a new album again.

  145. This game has got me back into gaming after years away. Right now I’m playing some classics with my daughter’s on the Xbox as a result of my love for having being revived! It’s one of my favourite all time games definitely uip there in my top 5

  146. Bought it yesterday, only £13 for the royal edition, wow, it has blown me away the level of detail that has gone into this is breathtaking at times, I can see myself putting 100 plus hours into this no problem.

    • Great deal! And yes I agree! The detail in this game at times is simply mind boggling.

  147. I am so happy I found this game. I was so pleased. It reminded me of an old Genesis game. Cannot wait for the sequel.

  148. Christopher OQuin March 10, 2020 @ 3:57 PM

    I downloaded it on a whim because it was in gamepass… And WOW!! I can’t BELIEVE how much I’ve enjoyed it. It’s absolutely sucked me in, and is now probably one of my top 5 favorite games. I can’t wait to see the next installment from Warhorse. Oh, and btw, is your haven’t checked out the DLC, you’re missing out. They’re all fantastic additions in and if themselves, and A Woman’s Lot is just great storytelling.

  149. I’m disappointed you didn’t even mention the characters or narratives. You’re treated as the village idiot by everyone around you and when you finally prove yourself, it’s so satisfying.

    • Honestly that’s something that’s been mentioned a few times and I definitely appreciate the constructive criticism. I was trying to avoid too many spoilers but I will definitely focus on characters in future reviews more 🙂

  150. Now thats a name i havent heard in a while. This guy was a genius

  151. Stephen Gibson Wade March 13, 2020 @ 12:34 PM

    Found this game so brutal and tough to start with but sticking with it and taking your time rewards the player and makes you want to keep going and see more of what it has hidden. A great gaming experience but not one for a casual player as this gets better with effort.

    • Agreed completely. I powered through the early frustration, and I’m so glad I did.

  152. Ive been trying to get into new stuff lately. Will give this album a try

  153. Thank you AltWire!!!!

  154. Good review, can’t wait for the album.

  155. I feel as though this article neglects to mention the most stressful aspect of all–that of the looming presence of Zipper, who haunts us to this day.

    Great article nonetheless!

  156. You are incredibly unconvincing in your condemnation of those you call conspiracy theorists. When you make this much effort to berate those who disagree with you it makes me believe that you are trying to convince yourself of your own words. Very unprofessional writing. Because of this article I will now research the other side. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your opinion. I feel it is a good thing this article compelled you to research more on the subject.

  157. That’s awesome that you were there to see that.

  158. nice site thank you

  159. Old age, it happens to everyone. Might be because he switched to that sissy country stuff for a while too?

    • While I don’t know if I’d blame “sissy country stuff” (haha), old age certainly could be a culprit. Vince Neil did many high notes like Jon, and he is having similar problems recreating material in a live setting. It’s just strange, because even the new stuff (written in his current range) is having issues.

      • Bon Jovi – American Airlines Center – 2022 Tour – Finale – Livin’ on a Prayer:

      • victoria black April 29, 2022 @ 3:20 PM

        As we get older we lose lung capacity and can no longer belt out tunes we once could after a certain age, Tina Turner said it herself on a show I once seen her in

        • Mary Anne Hobbs-Fernie April 30, 2022 @ 10:55 PM

          As we age our voices change, especially men.. I call it the 50 plus punch. Jon’s voice has been on the decline for a while. Love him and the band but he’s join the old man’s club. I hope he’s OK with that. We got the memories.

      • Sharon Nixon May 2, 2022 @ 6:19 AM

        It could also be all his years of smoking. It definitely takes its toll on the singing voice!

    • Bring Back Richie Sambora

    • Bon Jovi is a god and legend

    • Illya Kuryakin Reid April 28, 2022 @ 7:33 PM

      Really, Country music…smh

    • It’s call karma… shouldn’t of screwed over Richie…

    • Jon is a good singer but he can’t hit the notes Richie did. As a team they are great but without Richie’s backups he’s not as good. Richie is a damn good singer.

    • While old age isn’t a current problem for some people there r others who have just not been so well lately, covid for one, mayb it’s as simple as timing and not having enough recovery time? Andi

      • Kristine Gillespie April 29, 2022 @ 6:10 PM

        I thought the same thing. I have heard that depending how sick you got from Covid you can have issues with your vocal chords. I hope either way he can come back from that. Poor guy.

    • Sherry Beckwith April 29, 2022 @ 5:43 PM

      I had seen a video, and seriously he sounded like was either having or had had a stroke…??

  160. Same thing has happened to Jon that’s happened to umm let’s see… Axl Rose, Vince Neil, David Lee Roth, Joe Elliot and there’s at least one or two others i’m leaving out of this equation…
    Bottom line is NONE OF THEM took care of their voices! They all partied like there was no tomorrow smoking & drinking as if the show would never end. But guess what fella’s??? Tomorrow is now here and bc you were all so irresponsible now you’re ripping off the younger generation who don’t know any better when the lot of you sound like lounge lizards “with all due respect”!
    Few artists knew the value of preserving their voices… Tesla sounds as good today as they did in the 80’s, Sammy Hagar can still bring it with his voice. Smoking will KILL your voice! Maybe some of these lead singers from these once great bands of our time, should take some of those millions of dollars they’ve made from us over the last 4+ decades and invest voice rejuvenation (if there is such a thing) or at least get into a singing coach to help them at least get back into the same key or tone of their music.

    • Definitely think the age of excess in the 1980s had a bad impact on many artists from the time, but I am going to stop short of saying that’s what happened with Jon. I am not a fan of speculation. On that same topic though, with the amount of partying Ozzy did over the decades, it’s remarkable he hasn’t lost a single step with his voice. Even struggling with a debilitating illness, Ozzy is still bringing it.

      • Ozzy Osborne was never a good singer… in fact he’s a horrible singer… but yeah he still sounds the same … terrible ???

      • Much as you’d love to hear jon from 87 the only way that happens is to buy the cd. The REAL issue is the lack of admission from jon. Face it, deal with it admit it, your fans will still be there. Call Alice, dudes been hammering it longer and better than anyone. Much as I love Richie and wish they would reconcile, for reason s other than coming back, he was never a vocal addition. As for Ozzy? Mad respect for still being out there, but I saw a recent concert and wasn’t sure if it was the prince of darkness or a white house press briefing. Time to let h retire Sharon….

    • Illya Kuryakin Reid April 28, 2022 @ 7:36 PM

      Well said…think at this point he should take a break…I would want my money back if I had 2 sit through 2 1/2 hours of that

      • Like some great boxers they dont know when to hang up the gloves and you hate to see them go out on thier backs. Jon is destroying his legend and needs to hang it up.I wouldn’t go listen to that for free.

    • Joe Elliot sounds different but he still sounds good. I’m a huge Bon Jovi fan but this is bad on a whole other level than losing your voice. I think there’s a hearing or neurological issue. He can’t find the pitch at all and his timing is way off.

    • Roger Daltrey’s voice has changed. He took care of himself. I believe it has something to do with the thickening of the vocal chords and age. He can still sing and knock ’em out of the park but it’s not the same. I won’t pay ridiculous ticket prices to listen to what is not the same.

  161. Billie Greenough April 28, 2022 @ 11:45 AM

    I personally don’t have a problem with his performance. If you wanted to hear the studio version of their music pull out your CD.. this was a live performance, Jon had tons of energy, the rest of the band members were outstanding… And yes the man is 60 years old not the same person that was performing in the 80s…

    • Fair enough, nobody is going to sound the way they did in their 20’s and 30’s. Good point.

    • I didn’t have a problem either. I enjoyed the Indy show! We all sang right along with him. He was so happy! The band was “Jovial” too! ??
      Jon has earned respect from his fans. He got old. I think there’s a health issue too….. So… enjoy what’s left of him. Bon Jovi’s music will still be playing and enjoyed 100 years from today…. We will all be dead so have fun NOW, get over yourselves and JBJ deserves our love and support. His music has been like a private conversation to most of us. We felt it deeply. What a glorious gift we were given!
      Let him be. Just relax and enjoy what you can at this moment in time. It will be gone before you know it.

  162. Richie definitely needs to come back. Jon’s performance could be better then. Like the 2018 Rock and roll hall of fame induction

  163. His voice is an embarrassment and he shouldn’t be touring. He hasn’t sang one thing better than a 5th grader this tour from all the videos I’ve seen. It seriously sounds like he’s forgotten how to sing and forgotten what a beat is. Everything is behind, everything is off key. It’s very painful and embarrassing to watch and the promotor should be ashamed for charging so much. If this isn’t a mental issue and strictly a voice problem, a good voice coach could get him halfway decent again but he clearly doesn’t want help or he’d be doing that instead of touring at the moment.

    • truth!!

      • I have been a fan from the begining and his change in voice is nothing new. Long ago you could tell he was taking some sort of voice coaching/singing lessons because you could watch him with the way he would try to breath different and use his mouth with world’s different. He changed his sound and style. It really messed up his singing. If he would have just continued on with how he began he would still probably sound good. I lost interest in the live shows long ago because of how he attempted to try to sound and sing better when he was good with the natural way he started out. Now it is like forced and he stands and holds that mike like he cannot sing without clutching it

        • Christian Lesuer May 1, 2022 @ 3:50 AM

          Lets start from the beginning. Runaway, 7800 Fahrenheit… all you need to do is be able to remember what he sounded like then when he had amazing range. By 1989, when i first saw him , the band was spent from over 2 years of touring off Slippery and New Jersey. In 1990, he goes solo . Different tone completely. No more of the raspy stuff. He simply lost range as time went on and his pitch was always changing.I saw him 94, for the 3rd time and last time.. Bottom line is he didnt take care of his voice. There were SO MANY similar acts in the 80s. Poison, Def Leppard, Motley Crue….. they lived and sang for the moment and their best stuff is legendary.. Sure they never thought that after 30 years , their material would be relevant. Jon is a VERY wealthy person. If he wanted to please old fans, he could have choosen small venues and the promoters could have put a cap on ticket prices.

    • Julie Greene May 2, 2022 @ 3:38 PM

      I agree. He should stop.
      Take care of his self.
      I didn’t know Jon smoked. Maybe younger years but now?

  164. Judith Thompson April 28, 2022 @ 2:50 PM

    What about the lead singer of AC/DC? He had to take time off due to vocal issues. There has to be a time of rest on vocal cords…they are just not taking that time.Tom Keifer of Cinderella had to see a specialist for his voice.

    • ACDC singer didn’t take time off for voice issues….it was hearing issues!!! And Jon Bin Jovi never smoked!! You people are so quick talk BS about these legendary musicians (like if you could do better) and don’t even have the correct information.

      • Jon Bon Jovi ABSOLUTELY smoked for years. There’s no debating that as he is smoking in the documentary for “When we Were Beautiful.” He smokes on video on his hotel balcony and that is INDISPUTABLE. If you’re going to comment on Jon Bon Jovi you should at least educate yourself on his life and career.

        • You definitely need to educate yourself. Jon Bon Jovi smoked for years. He only quit because of the higher health insurance premiums for smokers. SMH

  165. It’s one thing to adjust to a lower key to accommodate an aging voice, but he’s not even singing on key in a lot of what I just saw. It’s almost like he is trying to “Bob Dylan” his way through it.

  166. We just saw bon Jovi last week. His voice sounded nasally, nothing like he did in the 80s. I couldn’t understand half of what he was singing if I didn’t know the words. The band was amazing! Lead guitar rocked it! Drums were awesome! I understand he’s older and not going to be as strong vocally but it didn’t sound anything like the Bon Jovi I knew. He still looked great and had lots of energy!

  167. Agnes Gramlich April 28, 2022 @ 4:28 PM

    Dear Jon,
    Talk to the people who have helped Stevie Nicks. She is 73 years old she smoked,, drank herself silly and admits to years and years of cocaine partying to the point of putting a hole in her nasal/brain connection. She still sounds awesome live. I went to a concert when bon Jovi did the tour for this house is not for sale and heard him struggling even then. I saw a lot of video s where he was ripping a cig, I just quit and it sucks, maybe he can turn it around or doesn’t care what he’s putting out at his shows perhaps ego superego,etc. Anyone seeing the end of the line Elvis videos will know superstars hang on too long.

    • Jon had Covid in October of 2021,even with the vaccination. I am not sure how long he had it. That was just 6 months ago and it’s probable that he had it for at least 1 month or more. He stated on April 15th in Tampa that 15 of the road crew were out with Covid. Medically we do not yet know the long term effects on the lungs and vocals for singers.

  168. Jon did have Covid. Maybe he is still trying to recover his voice! The show must go on!!

    • That probably is it. Covid. But Stevie Nicks at 73 is still rockin it! She saw a voval coach and doctors that specialize in this. The promoter should never have let him tour like this. Richie is gone. He needs two female back up singers. But those high notes are hard for anyone! No. He never smoked. But the constant touring. One 2 hour performance of any band member takes an incredible amount of energy! Then on to the next and the next. For 30 plus years! Very tough. He should give Stevie a call.

      • He did smoke for years and years. I don’t know if he still does but I have seen him smoke when he was in Chicago years ago on a rooftop bar ( that was supposed to be smoke free) but he insisted.

  169. His set list ot songs SUCKED on this tour!!! Would’ve rather heard him struggle with the old stuff that made him who he is, than to hear him struggle with new stuff that no one knows nor cared to hear!!!

  170. I think there just comes a time to admit you just can’t perform the way you used to, and never will again. No shame in going out while you’re still respected than after you’ve wasted people’s money on mediocre performances.
    Love Rockers, but you can’t possibly need the money…and you already know you’re loved by the masses. Time to stop the “audience addiction”, maybe?

    • You’d be surprised how many of them need the money. With the ways that the industry has changed, sales and streams don’t pay much. Touring is where musicians make their living. That’s why so many of them sold their catalogs during the pandemic, because their major revenue stream dried up.

  171. Yes i agree with you. He shouldn’t perform tour in his current condition (voice)

  172. I believe he’d had Covid in the recent past. It can cause permanent respiratory damage. I think that’s what’s going.

    • I agree. That is a very real possibility. I just saw a story on the news tonight about people experiencing respiratory problems 2 yrs. after having Covid. They call it “long haul” or “long” Covid.

  173. Debbi Harrison Cutsforth April 28, 2022 @ 7:28 PM

    Exactly!! When Richie left, I quit listening.

  174. Brian Johnson took time off for a hearing issue, not vocal issues.

  175. Steven Tyler still has it !

  176. Maybe jonbonjovi needs to rest his vocal cords. I hope he can get his voice back. I love to hear his voice.lee

  177. Penelope Kaine April 28, 2022 @ 9:13 PM

    I agree with you Derek, but I always thought when Ozzy sang “Mama” I’m Coming Home, there isn’t another voice on Earth that could sound like his on that song!! Love Ozzy!!?

  178. Smoking and alcohol destroyed his voice and body
    He’s not aging too good

  179. Well said.

  180. Don’t be mean. Bon Jovi has been touring since the 80’s and of course vocal cords are going to wear. He obviously still tours because he loves it. I’m sure it’s hard to hear to hang up the mic. If you’re going to go to his concerts, realize he’s 60 and not in his 20’s or 30’s anymore.

  181. Jon,
    We all love you, just hope that you are ok. Thoughts and prayers

  182. It’s sad yes. But he’s sang his ass off for us over the years an gave up a lot of family time for us, his fans. I saw him in Indianapolis in April an yes I heard what everyone else heard But I also heard all the songs he sang in my mind from years past. He’s a legend! Rock on Jon!

  183. He needs to retire before he breaks a hip.

  184. If he took vocal lessons for a year, he’d restore his voice.

  185. He needs to give his voice a rest and have medical evaluation of what is happening to his vocal cords. He has been great for many years, his voice can recover, he needs to have it taken care of now before more damage is done. Just my opinion.

    • Your comment is the only one on here that is measured and actually makes sense. We have people that are hyper critical and people that are so devoted it wouldn’t matter if he sounded like he is tone deaf. Thank you for bringing sanity to this thread.

      • Totally agree that measured and well-thought-out comments are the way.

        However, in regards to the speculation in some of your comments, and other people’s comments: We purposely did not encourage speculation or even try to blame some type of vice (alcohol/booze) or medical condition in our article, as there is presently no solid proof we can fall back on, to back up a controversial claim like that. This falls into dangerous territory and we wouldn’t want to take that risk.

        We cannot prevent commenters from doing the same, but we are purposely not trying to blame any direct cause. More just expressing concern for a wonderful artist.

  186. Yes

  187. I don’t expect him to sound like he did when he was younger but I DO expect him to sing on key and he’s way off.

    • His voice trouble is the beginning of sad days for many singers and it’s all Covid variant related. Singing is hard . Covid is still ruining peoples health but they’re pretending it’s all over. It’s not. Touring is so dumb in this global environment. So is attending these gatherings. It’s not over. Just watch.

  188. Again, with the poor misfortunes of the younger generation? Ugh. Nobody is forcing them to listen to him. Also, he wasn’t a smoker.

    • Yes. He did smoke. He quit because it was messing with his voice. Have you ever heard Last Cigarette by Bon Jovi?

  189. I am just so sad reading these comments! If you are a true fan you would appreciate Jon for who he is! The man is a legend, who cares if he is 60 and his voice isn’t what it used to be. I still enjoy listening to him and will gladly pay to see him when he comes to our area. I will forever be a fan! Rock on Bon Jovi!!!!!❤️

    • Totally agree Heather! He is and always will be a rock legend. He’s given his all, and if the notes aren’t there, his stage presents still is. Rock on Jon. We love you ?❤️

    • I 100% agree! He has earned and deserves our love, respect, and compassion as he struggles now. Bon Jovi Forever!

  190. I agree, thinking it’s neurological.

  191. To a point I agree, Jon started smoking in the mid 90s for a movie part and that has killed his voice.

  192. Michelle Manges Scott April 29, 2022 @ 5:58 AM

    I wouldn’t say sissy stuff. It is more real feelings and thoughts songs about life and family. He also has some cristian songs out I feel versatility is a good thing .At least he is still able to get up and do what he does. I don’t feel it is worth all the criticisms. I paid to see him in Raleigh NC And didn’t complain one time. I had fun regardless. He is iconic and an awesome performer.

    • Shelby Blankenship April 29, 2022 @ 10:57 AM

      Sissy Country stuff? Take a listen to Gene Watson, who can still hit high notes into his seventies. He has been performing for decades. As for Jon he is still great.

  193. Samantha Lee Boykin April 29, 2022 @ 6:22 AM

    I am JoviGirl 39 Year Fan. For the past 39 years I have followed this band and the solo careers the band members have. Never have I missed a tour and even have gone to other countries to see them. This past April 23 I was lucky enough to see them in Austin Texas and had the VIP Experience. What a awesome time I had and I would do it again despite how they sound or how old they get. His voice is “Not old Just older”. We all age it’s enevitable Jon has become a ” a master to his craft”. His voice is not what it used to be and that really didn’t matter to me. I rocked out just like I did back in the 80s when I saw them in concert and had a blast. He has covid so that may of played a part in his vocals but Critic’s will be Critic’s. Some of the things I have seen written about the band have been just down right awful and I can only imagine how he feels and what his thoughts are when he reads what they are saying about him. To the critic’s out there I say “Keep the Faith ” and maybe his voice will “Bounce ” back to your standards. For this JoviGirl no matter what they sound like I will “Always” be right there in the front row cheering them on. ONCE A JOVI GIRL ALWAYS A JOVI GIRL
    I AM JOVIGIRL 39 YEAR FAN!!!!!!!

    • Samantha, I love your comment. You said it the best! Once a Jovi girl ALWAYS a Jovi girl.

    • He’s been sceemimg his songs everyday for the past 40 years to please his fans and now they turn on him? I think this article is bull crap. I love going to see him sing and I love that he still goes on stage so that I can. The age in his voice reminds me that he’s human. It makes me sad that the others put him down.

      • Nowhere in this article have we turned on Bon. We spend a good portion of the article praising Bon Jovi’s music, his talent, and his philanthropic efforts. We even wish him well at the end. Some of these comments have been unfairly rude to Bon, but I’d argue our article was very neutral, if not positive.

      • 100% agree. He probably didn’t expect to have to sing Livin On A Prayer for decades, so preserving his voice wasn’t the first thing on his mind.

  194. I totally agree with you. It’s been thirty years since I first bought a Bon Jovi album when I was 16 years old. I have bought more than than eight different albums of the band, but I never had an experience of listening to the band’s concert. I really think it is lucky for the US fans to have more opportunities to go to their concerts than the fans in other countries, such as mine, Taiwan. To me, Jon has shown much more energy through his music and his attitudes towards life than what people think a common 60-year-old person usually shows.

  195. Y’all do realize the man had COVID, right?I think it was November.

  196. charles dillon April 29, 2022 @ 7:04 AM

    Gargle with mouth wash and drink lemon water. Or hot tea and honey.

  197. Friendly reminder here, I get everyone has emotions about this but let’s try to be polite to each other and to the artist. This article wasn’t made to trash Jon, obviously by the praise heaped in the post we LOVE Bon Jovi and want the best for him. We just don’t want him to lose his iconic voice. So be friendly guys <3.

  198. Jon Bon Jovi is a huge smoker. Just go watch the documentary showtime made

  199. Robert Wilkins April 29, 2022 @ 9:05 AM

    First time I saw Bon Jovi was first row in Allentown Pa. Went to see the Scorpions and Bon Jovi opened for them Traveled all the way from Jersey They rocked the house ! Ever since saw them many times through the years Nothing like a Bon Jovi concert … Especially in Jersey Rock on Jon !!

  200. Wrong. He quit smoking in 2013 and then was concerned that a tobacco company was the sponsor of a 2015 concert in Indonesia.

    • It doesn’t matter when he quit. He smoked and that does damage, irreparable damage.

      • Yeah, but I think he sounded pretty good during the THINFS tour. It’s been such a rapid decline in the last few years. If it WAS smoking, he would have sounded way worse way earlier. I don’t doubt that smoking contributed to it, but it seems like there’s something else going on.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  201. Heather and Samantha, AGREE TOTALLY. 1984 Jovi girl here. Followed him and the band for years. I Will continue until he says when.
    I’ve never been to a bad concert, and he gives 110% every time. ❤️

  202. Exactly!!! Also He does so much more than sing!!! Give credit where credit is due!! He’s an amazing man

  203. Patti D Spruill April 29, 2022 @ 11:41 AM

    Jon smoked all the time, i guess you never watched their HBO SPECIAL “WHEN WE WERE BEAUTIFUL”… HES SMIKING THROUGHOUT THAT DOCUMENTARY!!!

  204. Sounds like his vocal cords are becoming paralyzed slowly more and more. He is slow to enunciate as well as pitchy. Lagging behind the best to solidly work out what he can get out. He’s got done condition. This isn’t singing damaged vocal cords. Something else is up.

  205. I saw him last week in Indianapolis. It was pretty bad. I think fans would be complaining less if he hadn’t performed all of his new stuff and stuck to the ones we all went to hear. There were not many of the older ones, which was very disappointing. At least there was crowd energy for the older songs that he did.

  206. Very very nice bon jovi article thanks for sharing

  207. I think you need to go watch their documentary when we were beautiful. Smoking several times in it. I also saw him years ago at a rooftop bar in Chicago smoking

  208. IIRC, he pulled out of hitting the high parts of Runaway and Livin On A Prayer early on . If he sounds this bad now, it makes me wonder what he’d sound like if he kept struggling to hit the high notes….

  209. I was in Dallas last night and you’re absolutely right. The set list was a huge disappointment and he literally didn’t it one note or even one line in any songs. His voice was weak, shakey, off pitch, off tone, off key. It had to be humiliating. He’d be better served preserving his voice and canceling the tour.

  210. I agree

  211. Heather Sturgeon April 29, 2022 @ 7:41 PM

    I love Jon and the lads …. seen them.many many times and always put on a fab show. But its time to call it quits …. as much as it pains me to say it … go out on a high note rather than a bum note. As for age being a issue … Tom Jones is in his 80’s and is as fabulous as he was in his 20’s if not better….

  212. I was at the show in Dallas last night and I thought the same thing that maybe he had a stroke.

  213. Just like guitar players get callouses on their fingers, singers get callouses on their vocal chords. Doesn’t matter if they partied or not, after 40+yrs of touring as the main vocalist, it takes a toll on the chords. As a vocalists I understand. Whatever ppl think, the man puts on a show & his fans are dedicated followers. #RockOn JBJ

  214. I just went to the Dallas concert last night. You have to go with the respect and interest to see one of the greatest rock bands of all time, and enjoy the instrumentals. It is kind of sad to see him that old (I’m 54) because it reminds me that Father Time gets us all. I just love the old voice so much…those songs shaped my high school and college years. I wish he sounded the same, but like someone above said, “if you want ‘87 Jon, go buy the CD.” (Or the cassette Lol). Thanks Jon for the good memories

  215. 1. Bon Jovi has been touring over *40* years, and long tours in those years, for the majority of the year, every year, not just a couple months.

    2. I believe JBJ had vocal cord surgery in the late 90s/early 2000s, after which high notes from when he was 20 were re-scored in another key, and started releasing albums in different keys.

    3. In some recent clips energy and breathing looks more difficult than prior tours. That could be post Covid issues as others have said.

    4. Plus the sound in Dallas is historically bad in that arena.

  216. joseph trabosci April 29, 2022 @ 11:14 PM

    Paul Weller,Elvis Costello,Dave Vanian,Sammy Hagar,Robin Zander all older and all still have great voices live…and btw their music doesn’t suck like Bon Jovi’s…

    • Bon jovi needs to retire or take a year off at least !they have never been a great band to begin with .teeny bop style at best!

  217. Christine Burton April 30, 2022 @ 2:56 AM

    Exactly!He was bothered about Jon & the Band.All this about wanting to spend time with his Daughter ,a load of Bull ! Jon has 4 kids &a Beautiful Wife who has stood by Jon whatever,BUT OBVIOUSLY JON HAS TRIED TO KEEP THE BAND TOGETHER! As a on Bon Jovi BIG Fan PLEASE DON’T TURN YOUR BACK’S ON JON OR THE BAND, PLEASE!! HELP him through his songs instead of pulling him to bits!

  218. Yeah, he should stick to the tough guy metal of Bon Jovi.

  219. This started on the bands last tour but now it’s worse and very hard to watch.

  220. I saw them last night in Nashville, TN. The band still puts in an amazing show. I am a long time Bon Jovi fan, and as much as I hate to admit it, his voice is shot. He sounded ROUGH. There were even times that he mixed up lyrics. Times you could barely even hear him. Times that he was definitely off key. I am sad to see that happening, but I will still love him and the band for their music and everything they do.

  221. Barbara Ascencio May 1, 2022 @ 10:26 PM

    John Waite is almost 70 and still sounds good although he has adjusted the key he sings in so he doesn’t sound like he’s struggling. He has been a smoker for awhile. Sometimes you just have to adjust to your voices changes when you age. Maybe Jon hasn’t figured that out yet, but after this tour I’m sure he will.

  222. Scott Schmitt May 2, 2022 @ 9:46 AM

    Perfectly said!.. Look at Rob Halford Bruce Dickinson, Geoff Tate, the new guy from journey, Myles Kennedy.. Chris Cornell before he died.. let’s just face facts there are just better singers out there. Bon Jovi was the 1st to hang the mic stand out into the audience.. and geez that was way back.. some folks are just studio singers

  223. The group was fantastic. Jon as a solo was very good. I, like he, may not be old, but we are older. Unfortunately, like many in their lines of work, can never say goodbye.

  224. Tell that to Robin Zander of Cheap Trick. Tell that to Chris Cornell (before his passing.) I love Jon Bon Jovi, but there is far more going on here than his age. He can’t even phrase these melodies. I can’t imagine this correcting itself.

  225. Totally agree. I went to see them for the legend they are. As long as he can carry a tune (even if off key) I’ll go see them.

  226. Here’s another Jovi girl! I’m behind him. Period. x

  227. Judy Kiesling June 1, 2022 @ 1:10 AM

    I agree this needs to be brought to light I know very well how how Chester felt,in his own head( just like me) & people like to call me MOODY JUDY or just crazy. I want this to stop. I would give anything to attend a Linkin Park concert. I only have disability & widows pension. I connected with the bands music in 2000, & they are the band of my life. I want people to understand it is a sickness & nothing to be ashamed of. My husband took his life in July on the 10th in 2003. I have had problems coping ever since, but doesn’t mean I’m crazy. But it’s the stigma attached to me.

  228. Audrey Mcfarlane June 14, 2022 @ 3:20 AM

    Nice post.

  229. Love this band!!!

  230. This song is such a banger! My new anthem for the summer!

  231. I am always impressed and down for Kruel Summer’s music! They never disappoint.

  232. Kruel summer is my summer vibe

  233. Lame, lame, lame and WEAK. Simple: Be THERE or be square. I’m sick of my concert experiences being ruined by the jackass in front of me recording the entire show on his cellphone, standing up, and preventing me seeing the muthaeffing stage. I paid for my ticket just like the dude who wants to relive his experience did. Get real.

    • Can’t disagree with you 🙂

    • Those are fair comments here. However, this is where I will argue that opinions on whether or not cell phones are a bother at concerts are subjective. I’ve gone to many shows, some pressed against the barricade, some further back in the crowd, and some from the balcony. Never once has my view been so hopelessly blocked by a cellphone that it destroyed my experience. I’m not an extremely short person by any means (I’m 5’11, so I stand above some), but even so, if there was a taller person in front of me, it’s never been THAT awful.

      What *has* ruined concerts for me, you ask? Idiots picking fights in the crowd and having to be yanked out of the pit by security, a very drunken and BO/urine-smelling man in a Santa suit pressing up against everyone in 90+ degree temperatures (yes, this happened), and a person right next to me singing so impossibly off-key and offbeat, I wished a meteorite would fall out of the sky and take the person out.

      But of course, for every one of those things that bothered me, others wouldn’t care about them. In my view, people overreact largely to cellphones. But naturally, some disagree there! Thank you for the spirited reply and viewpoints.

  234. Thank you for the article. I think Collar Of Fur is my favourite.

  235. Well this sucks donkey balls! I just found y’all and literally just found out y’all are no more recently! Boooo!

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