[Tour Recap] LAW Records – None Escape The Law Tour

None Escape The Law Tour

The LAW Records, “None Escape The Law Tour” launched this spring with reggae sensations, Kash’d Out (Orlando, Fl), Tunnel Vision (San Clemente, CA) and Seranation (St. Petersburg, Fl)!

For Seranation, this is their first tour, which they launched in their hometown. Their latest album, Livin’ the Dream has topped the iTunes Reggae Charts, making this tour an even greater success. When discussing the tour, their lead guitarist Adam Hocker stated,  “The tour has been a great time and awesome learning experience. We are looking forward to the next one already!” Seranation has been at it non stop since their debut album Island Thinkin’ and with this current album, the ‘Will to Survive’ as the song implies, continues.

For Kash’d Out, who have topped the iTunes and Billboard reggae charts, this is their first headline, joined by Tunnel Vision. Their lead singer Greg Shields stated, “We are having a blast on the None Escape The Law tour. We love the vibes amongst both the bands and the fans and we’re proud to have such an awesome label, and our favorite brands behind us to help spread this music to the masses!”

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The first half of The None Escape The Law  Tour began in March from Florida through the West Coast with such great success that they’re currently touring along the northeast!

It was personally my first time checking out Tunnel Vision, and I was quite impressed with their punk rock style. A major highlight was seeing how this tour has been a family affair as their bass player, Jacob Hernandez had his father, Ruben, join him on tour and on stage!

Cloud 9 Vibes joined them for part of their Florida sets on May 3rd and 5th. In Jacksonville, where their home is based, their set was more toned down. They opted out of wearing their signature flamingo suits, and rather than covers, they performed originals from their recently launched EP to which the crowd sang along, making this one of their most intimate sets in the already small venue that is Jack Rabbits.

As the tour comes to a close, be sure to check out Kash’d Out, Tunnel Vision, and Seranation at a city near you!

Kash’d Out:


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