Northern Touch Music Festival is Jump-Starting Careers

Northern Touch Music Festival

Northern Touch Music Festival is much more than a music conference. I attended, and performed at NTMF 2019 last June. This was only my 2nd performance in the city of Winnipeg, but this was my last time feeling like a tourist.

Do you remember going to family reunions as a kid? Some of my best memories involve those moments; like when you’re trying to make a beeline for the food table, but your mom would spend an hour introducing you to your “second cousin Glo’s daughter’s boyfriend, Scooty”.  But, she introduced him as Glo’s husband, because they “been shackin’ up for longer than 7 years, and that make him common-law “. That’s the feeling that I get when I pass the ‘Welcome to Winnipeg’ sign. It’s like my home away from home, and its’ Hip-Hop community is becoming my extended family. The root of that tree was Northern Touch Music Festival.

This gala isn’t just about music. I learned so many new things, like: how to build my Instagram following, how to build my industry network, and keeping my fan base engaged.  NTMF is a treasure trove of resources for artists who are struggling to build their grind. You will definitely get to put those skills to work, and get plenty of practice networking, with influencers and artists who have performed on worldwide tours.

If you are on the come-up, or trying to find your way into the music industry, don’t give up. Attend NTMF 2020 and get the tools that you need to build, capitalize, and flourish!

Statement from Northern Touch Music Festival

Northern Touch Music Festival was created with the same DIY spirit, drive & resilience that helped shape hip-hop into what it has become today. We pay homage to the pioneers of hip-hop and guide ourselves using the same principles of our past artists and cultural trailblazers, to grow the industry and create tangible opportunities for artists seeking self-development. We put artist education first, we break down barriers to accessibility and we empower artists.

We celebrate the past and spotlight continued growth into the future. We are here to stand as an equal voice for hip-hop, soul and R&B.

NTMFis the only festival and conference to solely focus on genres that are not already heavily assisted in traditional organizations. We fill that gap with showcase opportunities and conferences to create real change in the artist’s business.

Right now submissions to showcase are still open for a limited time so, don’t miss out….

…your career and music may count on it.

Submissions can be accessed via

For more information search NTMF 2020, visit us on: Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter.

Justin “Cue” Mathews

Director of Operations and Logistics – Northern Touch Music Festival

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