October Sky Tour Diary: Philadelphia

October Sky Tour Diary

October Sky Tour Diary – Philadelphia, PA stop

Tonight we stopped at the Voltage Lounge in good ol’ Philly. The one thing the bands were stoked about: Philly Cheesesteaks.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on the road it’s that you learn to appreciate things a lot more. You reflect on yourself and what you can improve. You reflect on your friendships and relationships with the people around you. You learn to appreciate things like taking a hot shower and sleeping in a real bed.

On the road you realize who’s really there for you. You know who has your back and supports you and your career choices. Sometimes people can’t accept that you’re on the road, and you don’t need that kind of negativity when you’re following your dreams and passions.

When I sat through orientation last year at my university I was enrolled in the Business Administration program. During the lecture, the professor said “If you have a plan B, what are you doing here? Follow your heart and do what makes you happy.” The next day I switched my major to Public Relations and Music Management.

Now, I’m in Philadelphia, touring with bands and doing what I love. Like I’ve mentioned previously, touring isn’t all fun and games. You need to roll with the punches.

A good example of that happened tonight at the Voltage Lounge: The AC was broken, which made the night a very hot one. The merch area was set up on the second floor, and everyone knows of course that heat rises. The other merch guys (Kris, from Assuming We Survive and Jared, with Icon For Hire) both handled it like champs.

I’ll admit that load-in was definitely a little harder for me today because of the heat, but thanks to a lot of water and help from Karl and Alex, everything was set up and good to go. We ended up having one of our best sales nights in Philly, which was insane. Despite the heat we did super well!

We’re always so thankful when the fans love what the boys do and buy merch. We never take it for granted.

After the show we loaded back into the RV and are spending the night again to get to Boston.

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