[Press Release] Ashland Gets Personal on New Single “Choose to Live”  

llinois-based rock duo Ashland (former Rise Records) have released the official music video for their single “Choose to Live,” which can be streamed now on YouTube. The track details vocalist Asia Marie’s struggles with mental health and finding a way out of that darkness, and is featured on the band’s recent EP I.

“As a suicide survivor, I wanted ‘Choose To Live’ to be a wake-up call to others who are struggling. It’s about the power of our thoughts and where we choose to place our identity. There is a time for mourning, but if we continue to dwell on our pain, we remain in bondage to it. If we choose to visualize our freedom from that pain, we’re empowered and on the path to healing and growth. #ChooseToLive” – Asia Marie

After the release of their sophomore album Over The Moon (2019, Rise Records) Ashland took the first half of 2020 to zoom out and look at their career through a wide lens. As the meaning behind their band name states, beauty and growth will rise from the ashes. The duo began furiously writing new songs and reconnecting to their roots musically and lyrically, putting all of the aggression and anguish that was 2019-2020 into song. The result is their new EP I, officially released in April 2021.

For more information on Ashland, be sure to follow them at the links below.

Watch the music video HERE.

Stream the full EP HERE.

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