[Press Release] KILLJOYS Share New Single ‘This Hollow Heart’

Emerging South Wales four-piece KILLJOYS have unveiled their latest single ‘This Hollow Heart’.

Previously supported by BBC Introducing Wales and Airplay, KILLJOYS, formed of guitarist Joe Disson, powerhouse drummer Ty Walker, Chris Edwards and fronted by the charismatic Jess Perry’s combination of pop and rock is set to make waves.

Speaking about the track, KILLJOYS explain “This Hollow Heart is what all great songs are about, Dreams. Dreams where you can be anything. Dreams of Love and Dreams where you erase the bad things and truly believe how good life can be. Sometimes life is hard we make mistakes, but everyone has a past and it is important to not forget it. You can’t run from it and you can’t pretend it’s not there. In the end You have to accept who you have been, who you are,  but then strive to be who you want to be. Despite all our faults we can be anything we wish, and In a time where the world is in chaos we all need that belief.”

“When deciding on what concept we wanted to do for the video to this song we knew we wanted to do something different. Our last couple of videos have been rather dark and we wanted to do something fun and engaging for the viewer. We came up with the concept with a Character who works doing advertising outside a  local shop handing out flyers and talking to people. Its not a highly paid job or one with a big career path but it is a job he loves very much and he loves interaction with people and the satisfaction he gets, he hasn’t dreamed of doing anything else. His Girlfriend doesn’t particularly like his line of work so to try and make him look at a different career she starts advertising for a rival shop, dressed as a bear. He doesn’t know it’s her and and watches as people stop bothering with him and starts going to ‘The Bear’. The video plays on with him dressing up as different animals and trying different things to win people back. The video continues with our guy, now dressed as a Rabbit, chasing ‘The Bear’ through the streets. It concludes with our guy cornering ‘The Bear’ and ‘The Bear’ then revealing who she really is. The first moral of this video heralds back to the main meaning of the song. Everyone can dream and be what they want to be. The second moral is that everyone has different dreams. Just because you dream of a high paying job with a big house doesn’t mean the person next to you feels the same.”


09/10 – Le Pub, Newport

24/10 – Fuel, Cardiff




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