“Punk Goes Christmas” [Album] (2013)

Since 2000, when the first Punk Goes… compilation album, by Fearless Records was released, we’ve received a new album filled with covers of either famous pop, metal, 80’s, 90’s and crunk songs, every year.

What makes these compilations so special is that the songs almost always sound really different from their original counterparts. Rather than resort to copying the original artist and making lazy copycat covers that nobody likes, the artists involved instead put their own twist on each song, making the compilations sound refreshing and fun to listen to every time.

In the History of “Punk Goes…” the included tracks haven’t always been all about covers. In fact there have been compilations that didn’t even have covers on them at all. For example, the Punk Goes Acoustic 1 & 2 compilations did not contain any covers, but instead were filled with acoustic interpretations of original tracks written by the contributing bands. This time it’s almost the same. On this compilation we have both, original and cover songs included in the mix.

What I enjoy is the variety of this disc. For the covers you get songs like “Do You Hear What I hear” performed by William Beckett of The Academy Is… (Track 12) or “Father Christmas” performed by Man Overboard. But the original songs on this album take this compilation to a whole new level, and are really the ones that give us the Christmas feeling we look for when buying a holiday CD at this time of year.

“Nothing for Christmas” by New Found Glory makes you feel like you’re sitting by the chimney fire relaxing, while drinking some apple cinnamon flavored tea. Songs like “Fool’s Holiday” by All Time Low and “I Don’t Want To Spend Another Christmas Without You” by The Ready set, get you on your feet and make you want to dance.

This album has everything, songs that make you think about the less fortunate and how Christmas would be like for them, songs that make you remember all the Christmas holidays you’ve spent with your family, and memories of people you once loved.

Overall it’s a great CD. There are two songs on it that could’ve been better, but apart from that, the album is really great and has all the things a Christmas album truly needs.

This album went directly into my Christmas playlist on Spotify and I’m sure I’m going to listen to it a lot more, even after Christmas is over.

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