Here is the Reasn that music has returned!


This is Reasn.

No, that is not a typo.

This is the Reasn that my faith in music hasn’t wavered. In this age of blatant piracy, monotony, and unfiltered bantha fodder, it’s refreshing to hear music that has meaning and depth.

It’s even more fulfilling when the Colombia, MO artist behind that music is starving. Yet, he craves to feed the hungry audience even more than himself.

This is no small audience, either. Trust me, this dude is going to fill arenas one day.  His music is an unreal fusion of blues, rock, hip-hop and soul that is magically translated by a voice from another era.

As I listen to his song, “Blue Flame” on my PC, I think about how unfair it is for music with such depth to be converted into the zeroes and ones that represent the binary code of my computer.

Then again, if Reasn’s music sounds this good in digital form, there is no need for the red pill anymore.

The Matrix has a new savior, and his name is…



Hey, what’s going on bro? How are you doing?

Reasn: Hey what’s up man. I’m in the studio right now, trying to do some work. I’m happy we got the chance to do this, I appreciate the love, bro.

Oh man it’s no doubt bro. I have to tell you, I was sleep on your music. I’m not gonna lie. When I first saw your press release, I was thinking, “OK, he has the image of one of today’s artists”. So, understand, my mind was prepared to hear a sound similar to today’s music. I listened to your song, “Blue Flame” first. When I heard your voice I sat up and was like, “Whoa!”. No lie dude, your voice took me back to a better time, which is a good thing.

That’s what I’m trying to do bro! Take it back to the old way, when music & lyrics meant something.

All of your music sounds that way and your lyrics are very powerful. You know for some reason, when I first heard your voice hit those high-pitch notes like the old-school singers, and your name is Reasn, the first thing I thought about was Earth, Wind, and Fire’s song Reason.

(laughing) I used to come out on stage to that song. They’d play that song before I came on the stage and then I came out.


Yeah, so it’s funny you would say that.

Seems like you have a lot of soul in you! You know one complaint I hear from my readers, they complain about the monotony and the lack of unique identities in today’s music. When I listen to your voice, it makes me wish I had more plugs in the industry, so I could be your publicist and get you out there! Then I see your videos and I’m thinking, “No way this guy only has 84,000 views!”. Seems like there should be way more.

You know man, I used to think about that type of stuff. When you’re trying to do something new, it takes awhile…but when it hits, it hits. So when it hits, I think it’s going to be all worth the wait.

I’m sure it will be! I wanted to ask you, your song “Killer”, it’s attached to your “70 West” EP right?


So, if I remember correctly, and I remember driving through Missouri, I-70 West, that’s toward Kansas City right?

Correct. That’s the truth. I spent a lot of time going up and down I-70, but then I flew west. That’s when things started happening for me, on a bigger scale. That’s why I named it “70 West”.

Everything seems to be “Out West”. I’m also from the Midwest, in Chicagoland. It seems like everyone who pursues a career in entertainment goes west.

Yeah, it’s like being a big fish in a little pond. You gotta prove you’re legit. When I came out here I saw there were even more talented people than where I’m from. I’m alright out here though. I’m gonna be alright, you know?

I hear you. So who was your biggest influence? Who helped mold your sound?

My Mom. I listened to her sing my whole life growing up. Even when I didn’t want to sing, she was the choir director so she made me do that. I listened to a lot of older singers and I always tried to listen to diverse stuff. I liked Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, people like that. Also, not listening to the radio a lot. That helped shape me into being my own person.

Your Mom sings too?

Oh man! Yeah, she goes. Whenever I come back to town, no matter what I do, I’m still second to her. I could get a Grammy and I’m still her son (laughing), but I’m OK with it. I see you’re from Gary, IN. I hear it’s pretty rough there.

Yeah, the old industrial belt. A lot of industrial jobs were lost here. When jobs go, you know what happens next.
I feel you man because, being from outside St. Louis. I see the same thing.

>Speaking of St. Louis, man, I’m trying to get to Sweetie Pie’s! That line on TV is just ridiculous though. Everybody wants that good cooking.

Right! Now, I’m trying to lift weights and get ready for this tour man. I’m eating all of this salad and stuff but, you know, I sneak over there every once in a while.

Man, you’re gonna have a problem with all of those lady fans who are gonna want to take Reasn home to cook for him.

You’re right man!

You’re going to have to let them know up front that you’re trying to maintain your weight!

(laughing) Yeah…everybody’s already shared that with me.

Speaking of women, let’s go back to your song, “Killer”. When I first heard that song I was taken back to my 20’s, the age of naive youth. There were so many women out there like the woman you’re talking about on this song. This song sounds personal. Is this based on a personal experience?

I can tell you one thing, and I hope it stays true for my whole career. Everything I say, has either happened to me, or I’ve seen. Yes, that is a person I was seeing. This happened when I first came to L.A.. I came out here with a group-sorta thing. I was 19 and went to my first big mansion-type of party. It all just went bad from there. She sold me on the lights. She was a Laker Girl but, she wasn’t talking about sh** obviously.

Seems like we’ve all been through that! You are a fan of all music. What do you think about the industry today and how fans respond to your music?

Well, two things. There is a new wave coming. I’m seeing people like Jack Garrett and Anderson Paak…there are people trying new things. That’s the hardest thing about the industry today. You have to understand that it’s ok not to be a robot. Like, I shot a video with these little kids, and I dressed different. The kids are asking me, “Why don’t you have Jordans on?” I answered them by telling them because I’m not a robot, and I do what I feel. That blew their mind. In a wrap-around type of way, that’s how the industry is. Everybody has to sound like Drake. Everybody has to sound like Lil’ Wayne. It didn’t use to be like that. Everybody tried to find them and make it their own. That’s what I think left the industry.

Seems like we have a lot of clones and drones in the industry these days. It seems like it’s a lot more sheep than wolves.

That’s true. You know, I’m just a ‘lil different. It’s hard for me to adapt to L.A. a little bit , because of all the talk and not as much action. It makes sense where the industry is because Hollywood is the place where everyone wants to be. The way everybody tries to fit in by saying they were at the big party and everything, it makes sense. It all comes together if you think about it why music sounds the way it does, if that makes sense.

I know exactly what you mean. One thing I love about AltWire is, we don’t charge for reviews or to publicize independent music. A lot of blogs charge. As a journalist, I live to discover new things before every one else, to be the first to let the world hear your music.

I’m glad that people are still taking the time to do that. That shows that you really love music and we need that these days. It sounds like you love music more than views, which is hard to find these days.

Thank You! To me, views are OK but, gaining new fans is the most important thing. I’d take five real fans over a thousand views any day.

I argue with my friend about this all the time. He’s like an internet guru. He does music, but he doesn’t really care about it. He’s always telling me, “Look at my views, I got 500,000 views.”. I always tell him that even with those views, you’re not touching anyone. I’m not even sure if any of those people will go to his show.

I think it’s unfair that the first question a major investor will ask you is, “How many views do you have?”

Right! These people who wanted to work with me, this happened a couple of times, first thing they ask me, kind of shuts me down a little bit. I would hope that the first question would be similar to the first question you asked me. Something like, “What is your influence”.

I know your DM’s have to be crazy! Do you personally answer the people who want to know more about your music?

At first, I went through an “I’m not answering anybody” stage. Then I went through a stage where I’m trying to answer everybody. The people that you think are normal turn crazy real quick. Some people will ask you questions about your music and you’ll answer, and everything seems cool. Then the next day the same person is in your inbox asking why you aren’t answering them! I’m like, “Wait a second, I thought we were just talking about music!” It gets kind of crazy. Me, personally, I’m a face-to-face person. If I could speak to anyone face-to-face, it would be a dream. However, I’m trying to find a middle ground and respond to a certain amount of people per day.

I’m not going to hold you up to much longer because I know you’re ready to get back to work in the studio but, how does your summer schedule look? Are you going on tour with anyone?

Yeah, I’m doing this tour with B.O.B through 48 cities. I’m blessed to have any opportunity. I’m trying to branch into a more alternative crowd, but it’s easier to get onto urban tours when you’re still “coming up”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m blessed to be doing anything but, when you go to an urban setting, you have to prove yourself before they start rockin’ with you. The alternative crowd is ready to rock with you from day one.

Well, you have a fan here and I am going to try to bring you even more fans. When you make it huge and start doing shows in Dubai, don’t forget my free tickets! (laughing)

Oh no man, I never forget the real ones! I really appreciate you taking the time to do this. It was great talking to you bro.

Reasn will be on tour with B.o.B starting April 27th in Omaha Nebraska and ends June 24th in St Petersburg, FL. Click the flyer for dates & more info.

BoB tour flyer

Listen to & buy I-70 West below! 

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