RED Re-Release The Panic with “Recalibrated”

US-Rockers RED have announced the upcoming release of a unique mini-album, set for release later this month. The new CD, titled “Recalibrated” will have six songs from their latest record “Release the Panic” with new elements such as strings and orchestrations.

In addition, the mini album will have one previously unreleased track called “Run and Escape”. It was recorded during the “Release the Panic”-sessions.

This edition will provide RED’s insatiable fans a new way to experience the music but this time even more intense than before.

“Recalibrated” is due out on April 29, 2014. It is also the last album that will feature ex-drummer Joe Rickard who has left the band earlier this year. The other three members are currently touring North America. Shall you have the opportunity to purchase tickets this tour we highly recommend it, as they are really good live!


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