Shinedown – Attention, Attention! Tour [Photos]


On October 13, 2019 Savage After Midnight, Asking Alexandria, Papa Roach and Shinedown all headed towards Calgary, Alberta to put on a stellar show for their “Attention, Attention!” tour. I had the absolute pleasure to photograph this tour.

The show started out with Savage After Midnight, but I, unfortunately, missed out on photographing their set due to the extreme lineup that stretched all around the Stampede grounds. However I did get to see them perform a few of their songs near the end of their set, and from what was able to see, the band put on an energetic performance and were all over the stage jumping and getting the crowd ready for the rest of an unbelievable evening.

Next up was English rock band, Asking Alexandria who took to the stage to perform their songs such as fan favorites “The Violence” and “Alone In A Room.” The band put on a lively, dynamic performance. The front row was decked out in Asking Alexandria gear with fans singing along with the band to each and every word.

Next up was Papa Roach, who is one of my favorite bands to cover. I always try my best to see them whenever they come through Alberta. They were one of the first bands I ever covered back in 2016 and I remember being completely and utterly in awe over their all-around astonishing stage presence, and their performance that night made me fall in love with the music industry. Jacoby makes each show memorable by making sure he covers each inch of the stage, making sure every single audience member feels at home by interacting with as much of the crowd as possible. The band performed a solid set featuring their new hits such as “Who Do You Trust” going all the way back to their 2004 hits such as “Scars”, and “Getting Away With Murder”.

Last but not least Shinedown took to the stage starting off the set with a white curtain and impressive pyro effects. Lead vocalist, Brent Smith interacted with the crowd more than any artist I ever have ever seen. Brent made goofy faces at audience members and laughed along with them, but what he did next was an experience I’ll never forget. At one point Brent decided to pull me up onto the speakers to grab a couple of shots of the crowd which I am forever grateful for. Over the years I’ve experienced artists posing for my camera but I have never once had the experience of an artist pulling me up to join them. It was definitely a one-of-a-kind experience and the highlight of my night. Each audience member looked completely amazed by their performance, and the band kept everyone on edge in the best way possible with their pyro, goofy facial expressions, and constant interaction with everyone at the show. I believe everyone should experience a Shinedown show whether they are familiar with the bands’ music or not, you will not regret it.

All in all the Attention! Attention! Tour was a complete blast to attend. Each band brought their personalities to the stage and ensured every person attending left with a smile. This night will be unforgettable and I am incredibly honored to have had the opportunity to attend.

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