The Shortlist – August 20, 2016


Summer isn’t over yet and some of the most hotly anticipated albums of 2016 are still to come.  This week’s shortlist of the best new releases is chock-full of preview tracks and feel-good summer jams so grab a beer, hit the patio, and press play.

29d3ad19556c6a8396197af38b4d97fae5ee5e3cBon Iver – 22 (OVER S∞∞N)

After 5 years of other projects, Justin Vernon and company have a new album, 22 , A Million, coming out in late September.  This new single and it’s B-side, “10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄”, make for a nice teaser of the chilled-out, glitchy electronic influenced sound we might hear from the group’s next effort.


e6a501acc6638413248b81f9eafc79474e063c71Mike Taylor – Electric Church

Mike Taylor doesn’t have a ton of recorded material under his belt, but it’s clear that he’s got soul and flair.  This upbeat track is a fun jam that’s guaranteed to get feet moving and heads bobbing.  It’s sure to fit right into your summer party playlist.


52aeb8f7073aed4025d35c10557185082b8a6cbdDe La Soul – Greyhounds (Feat. Usher)

De La Soul have long been a staple of alternative hip-hop alongside crews like A Trie Called Quest and The Pharcyde.  After a long hiatus they are gearing up for a brand new album and dropping singles left and right.  The releases so far have shown a more mellow side of the group with a strong focus on lyrics and storytelling.  The new album And The Anonymous Nobody… is due out on August 26th.


a40da1661b5e2953fc229db922cdc0225067b4c6The Shadowboxers – Build The Beat

Heavily influenced by upbeat soul and 80’s pop rock, the Shadowboxers deliver feel-good power pop like this one.  Groovy synth sounds and a hefty helping if blaring horns drive the song and leave you wanting to put it on repeat.


dc4fe1571e2a828e499a5b5f6e0c58f2b07f2c01The Tallest Man On Earth – Rivers

Swedish singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson AKA The Tallest Man On Earth gained fame with intricate arrangements, lo-fi recordings, and cryptic imagery.  With his more recent material, “Rivers” included, he has brought a fuller sound and a touching lyrical sensibility.  This one is for calm nights and serene locations.


217446f27dfc6ec7de94880f69ccfc7cd58ea46bAtmosphere – Ringo

Super-prolific Rhymesayers veterans Ant and Slug have a brand new album out.  This smirk-y lead single delivers the kind of clever, lighthearted jabs at society Slug has become known for over a sunny instrumental.  It’s a sing-along rap song served up with a wink and a nod.


0e344c0bd944d03b6831333b9bc48e060f7fde3eBig Gigantic – Got The Love (Feat. Jennifer Hartswick)

Boulder Colorado based electronic duo Big Gigantic is building buzz for their new album Brighter Future.  Jennifer Heartswick’s soulful vocals anchor this fast paced track and the bold horn accents make for a fun and unique sound that’s more than just EDM.


850c2f2c1a23270c1ebeb1c29b19160a767bc6aaGROUPLOVE – Do You Love Someone

GROUPLOVE has generally occupied the same musical space as Passion Pit or Fitz and the Tantrums, but this single finds them diverting from their tried-and-true synthpop sound and into something more guitar based.  The group as a whole sounds more powerful and ready to break free from the niche they once filled.  Perhaps with their upcoming album the band will be trying to bring out a more unique sound and pushing themselves outside the box.


ae18ea7edd088bc98672f546bbd5fcc8f40a8ca8Wilco – If I Ever Was A Child

Barely making it under the wire for the week, Wilco shared this new song off of their upcoming album Schmilco just yesterday.  The song takes on an acoustic, roots-Americana sound that the band most fully explored on their 2009 self-titled album.  Jeff Tweedy’s songwriting seems as strong as ever and this light, pleasant track makes for a good teaser and a good song to watch the sunset by.


6b77945fcb5f23834a6fb77e4ea1fdc2935778f3Nick Grant – Get Up (Feat. WatchTheDuck)

South Carolina’s Nick Grant just dropped this funky-soul track featuring classic southern hip-hop and fast, sharp lyrical delivery.  A relative newcomer to the rap scene, Grant is bold, confident, and sounds like he’s having an awesome time on the mic.  It’s a great recipe for a killer summer hip-hop jam.

Listen to the playlist below and follow Altwire for more


all photos from Spotify

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