Not limited to just rock music, AltWire covers all genres of Alternative music including Alt-Rock, Alt-Pop, Indie, Electronic and even Alternative Hip-Hop. Our mission is to cover and bring attention to new artists outside the public radar, while also covering the fantastic artists you already know and love. Since 2013 we have been determined to bring you, our valued readers, strong interviews and content that digs deeper than most websites in our class. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and shall you have any questions about AltWire please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Ed Oswald
Ed Oswald was the co-creator of AltWire and father of founder/editor-in-chief Derek Oswald. Credited by his son as the inspiration to create AltWire, Ed enjoyed going to concerts and had a huge passion for Alice in Chains, Evanescence, Stone Temple Pilots, Chevelle and Linkin Park. During his time at AltWire, Ed helped conduct some of the site's current largest interviews, such as Anthrax, Flyleaf, Three Doors Down and more.

On April 10, 2016, Ed passed away from a sudden heart attack. He was 59. Ed remained a committed contributor to AltWire up until his death, and his impact on the site will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace, Ed. Rest In Peace, Ed.


Derek Oswald
Derek Oswald is the founder of multiple media outlets including Altwire and The Linkin Park Association ( He's spent the last 16 years involving himself in various areas of the music industry, and loves to create music, even if he isn't that good at it. Can be found binge watching Netflix, and repeatedly bypassing the 'are you still watching' prompt (seriously...why does that even exist)?
Brian Wells
Social Media Coordinator
Writer of news and novels, album reviews and artist profiles. A seasoned concert photographer who has lost the ability to attend a concert without bringing a camera.
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Samantha Warren
Press Coordinator
Professional napper. Comic con go-er. Storm chaser enthusiast (yes I really chase tornadoes). Chances are I'll pick naps over you, but if I like your band I'll go to your show!