Not limited to just rock music, AltWire covers all genres of Alternative music including Alt-Rock, Alt-Pop, Indie, Electronic and even Alternative Hip-Hop. Our mission is to cover and bring attention to new artists outside the public radar, while also covering the fantastic artists you already know and love. Since 2013 we have been determined to bring you, our valued readers, strong interviews and content that digs deeper than most websites in our class. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, and shall you have any questions about AltWire please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Derek Oswald
Al Gibson
Staff/Publishing Director
Luke Morrison
Branding Director


Arlene Winrow
Editor (May 2018-Present)

Arlene is a bubbly extrovert with a passion for learning and reading, and a love for her job as an internal auditor. She is always looking for life’s next great adventure.

Mark Stoneman

Mark is a twenty-something guy with a love for virtually things all music, having been brought up with the likes of Deep Purple to Fleetwood Mac, and through the golden era of early 2000s rock. With this in mind, an obsession with finding new and wonderfully cathartic soundscapes has led to looking for what delightfully captivates, while always looking ahead for the next amazing artist.

Omayra Lopez

Omayra is a Florida girl, mother of three, and visual artist sharing all things art, fun and the beautiful things in life. She firmly believes that one creates their own reality and applies that to her own life by marching to the beat of a different drum, using her camera as a tool for that purpose. Omayra is a jack of all trades and masters them all. When she's not behind of the camera, she's in front of it. Her experience as a model, helped her develop her eye as a photographer.

Holly "Holiday" Callaghan

Bright and inquisitive, Holly loves unique, visually expressive music which bends genre classifications. She is excited to contribute honest, thoughtful pieces on the art and influence of musicians around the world.

Hannah Schneider
Hannah is a music enthusiast. Before the age of 18, the Californian launched her own smaller music blog "Unheard Gems” in effort to give a voice and promote the voices of smaller and emerging musicians. On AltWire she hopes to continue to highlight the voices of growing artists and share more new finds and amazing talent.
Tatum Jenkins
Tommy Monroe

Tommy spent his teenage years interacting and building a network with artists in LA. He has always been surrounded by friends who are independent artists and creatives. However, when he discovered he had no flair (nor the required vocals) to be a music artist, he fell in love with Pop culture. He can be reached on twitter: @TommyMonroe_.

Morgan Booker


Ed Oswald

Ed Oswald was the co-creator of AltWire and father of founder/editor-in-chief Derek Oswald. Credited by his son as the inspiration to create AltWire, Ed enjoyed going to concerts and had a huge passion for Alice in Chains, Evanescence, Stone Temple Pilots, Chevelle and Linkin Park. During his time at AltWire, Ed helped conduct some of the site's current largest interviews, such as Anthrax, Flyleaf, Three Doors Down and more.

On April 10, 2016, Ed passed away from a sudden heart attack. He was 59. Ed remained a committed contributor to AltWire up until his death, and his impact on the site will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace, Ed.