David Cook: Cutting Open the Digital Vein

First of all… when David Cook opens his mouth it literally makes my heart happy.  My heart jumps up, grows little stick-figure feet, and begins to sway back and forth in a happy motion that I can’t describe in this article. I watched American Idol for exactly two seasons. The first just happened to be the […]


Hall & Oates: Class of 2016

Fans of my columns should know by now that, as the song says, I’m only happy when it rains. However, it’s hard to be any sort of sad when you’re talking about Daryl Hall & John Oates. Merely the visual of the duo brings to mind perfectly positioned blonde locks of Daryl’s hair and John’s […]


Prince: In Memoriam 1958-2016

Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016)   Being alive in the same world as Prince is something I always took for granted. Even today, with the deafening news of his death, I can’t bring myself to be sad. Callous?   Cold-hearted?   No… just comforted.       Some lives end abruptly, shockingly, and without a grasp […]