AltWire presents: Emmaline – The Path

Photo taken by Atlanta Photographer Michael Foster I first heard Emmaline on Facebook, while browsing through my News Feed. It was like destiny, if you believe in these things. I accidentally clicked the play button for her new YouTube video while trying to scroll down on my archaic computer, which is known to freeze occasionally. […]


Legacy of the Lyricist Vol. II – Wally West

This is exactly why I started blogging. This  is exactly why I sold my soul to the demons of online journalism and jumped into the abyss. This is why I finally allowed myself to be assimilated into this cesspool of Oz dwellers, where nothing is what it appears to be. As an indie hip-hop artist myself, I understand the frustration […]

Beast Behind the Beats

Beasts behind the Beats Week V – Klopfenpop

Website: Every now and then, I have the pleasure of meeting someone who is actually from Cybertron. No, not Optimus or Megatron! However, Klopfenpop definitely  fits the mantra, “more than meets the eye”! (Cybertron should be a neighborhood in Seattle!) I felt like a young Bruce Lee being schooled by IP Man in this interview. To […]