Beast Behind the Beats

Beasts behind the Beats Week V – Klopfenpop

Website: Every now and then, I have the pleasure of meeting someone who is actually from Cybertron. No, not Optimus or Megatron! However, Klopfenpop definitely  fits the mantra, “more than meets the eye”! (Cybertron should be a neighborhood in Seattle!) I felt like a young Bruce Lee being schooled by IP Man in this interview. To […]

Beast Behind the Beats

Beasts Behind the Beats Week IV – DJ RadioHead

Website: SoundCloud: The following events are based on a true story! April 2015 The night was rainy with a gloomy overcast. Thunder clapped outside in a grand, other-worldly type of crescendo. The two emcees sat inside of the home studio, listening to beats online. “I’m not feeling any of these beats, cuzzo,” Ambush Vin said. […]

Beast Behind the Beats

Beasts Behind the Beats Week III – DJ RoboRob

DJ RoboRob’s Bandcamp: SoundCloud: This week on Beasts, I had the honor of interviewing one of the most creative producers in NCHH! No, not the National Campaign for Hearing Health, which is an actual group! Tip: Keep this group in mind, because you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing DJ RoboRob’s Monday mixes at Mach-shattering volumes… However, the NCHH […]