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Why Music Matters: How Music Can Help Mental Illness

AltWire contributor Samantha Warren discusses the recent death of Chester Bennington and mental illness.

When you go to shows, you have one thing in common with the strangers standing around you. You know the lyrics, you buy merchandise, and you have one common goal. It’s to sing along to the band that’s standing right in front of you. One way or another, that band made an impact on your life, and that’s why you spend money on concert tickets. You spend money on merch, and sometimes you even travel the miles to see them in person.

We lost Chester Bennington almost two weeks ago now, and it was a loss that affected millions of people from the fans, music industry personnel, and artists alike. Over the past two weeks I’ve gone to several shows, and each band/ artist that I’ve seen took the time to make a special tribute to Chester, and to their own fans to re-assure them that help and hope is out there. We all struggle, but we can get through it to.

I think one of the most important things that this taught us is that someone’s life can seem perfect on the outside, but they’re struggling on the inside and fighting to survive each and every day. Never underestimate someone and their daily struggle. Depression is a nasty battle that can drain the life out of you, but somehow you find a way to get through another day.

A lot of times music is that outlet. Music is the release for people. Music is the reasons someone’s heart could be beating. If you see someone with lyrics inked on their body, there’s a reason. It’s not just “another dumb mistake” someone made to mark their body. Those lyrics made an impact on that person’s life, and they want that reminder that when things get dark, those words pulled them through the light. If it helped them once, it can help them again. It’s that constant reminder that they can get through anything.

If you’re struggling, keep doing what you love. Go to shows. Sing your heart out. Find your release. Meet your favorite band members after the show. Tell them what impact their music has had on you and on your life.

Out of all of the statements I’ve seen… this is the one that hits home for me was from Alt Press, “We are the kids that regret the scars on our bodies, but cover them with art to remind us to never go back to that place. We are the kids that grew up hurting and turned that pain into music that touches the heart of millions. ”

If you ever feel alone; reach out to someone. Help is real, and so is hope. Recovery is always possible. Be there for each other today, and every day. But mostly in the upcoming days as we mourn the loss of a man who changed the music industry and touched the hearts of millions.

Music is powerful. Chester will always be a legend. Rest easy.

Linkin Park Announces ‘One More Light’ World Tour

Machine Gun Kelly will join Linkin Park on their world tour to support their upcoming album, 'One More Light.'

In anticipation for their seventh studio album, One More Light, Linkin Park has announced a world tour with Machine Gun Kelly.

To help get tickets into the hands of real fans, first access to tickets will be reserved for fans in a presale powered by Ticketmaster Verified Fan. The presale will help to ensure fans are competing against other fans for tickets, instead of scalpers or bots.

Presale begins May 9. Fans and LPU members can register at www.presale.linkinpark.com. General sales will begin May 12.

One More Light will be released May 19. For a complete list of show dates, visit www.livenation.com or www.linkinpark.com.

Linkin Park – Heavy feat. Kiiara Review

Heavy brings us a new Chester...


Chester Bennington just trolled every Linkin Park fan who was expecting to hear…

…Chester Bennington.

I mean the Chester that we’re used to. The Chester whose vocal presence was “one step closer to the edge”. But, that’s not a bad thing, as we see on the veteran band’s newest single, which is ironically titled “Heavy”.

As a long time Linkin Park fan, I know this song will take some time for the average LP fan to get used to. To be honest, Bruno Mars could have just as easily fit on “Heavy”.

However, Bruno could not have owned this song the way Chester did.

The production was masterfully crafted, it seems, to reel in younger music listeners. In today’s world where reading the news even feels like a burden, it’s inspiration to see that falling skies aren’t exclusive to little people like us:

 I don’t like my mind right now

Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary

Wish that I could slow things down

I wanna let go but there’s comfort in the panic

And I drive myself crazy

Thinking everything’s about me

Yeah I drive myself crazy

Cause I can’t escape the gravity

For a few seconds, I forgot this was the guy who used to fly into Stone Temples. He seemed more like the co-worker in the cafeteria at work, talking to me in confidence about his old lady.

But then the bridge came, and the slightly raspy, cracking of his voice reminded me that Linkin Park’s lead vocalist was still present inside of his current form.

Kiiara was also a great addition to this song. She does more than just complement the production. She holds her own with sultry vocals that explode into a powerful performance on the hook that was so convincing, it sent me to Google to find more of her music.

In conclusion, there are some listeners who will label this song as Pop. In my eyes, genres are just another tool of division. The love of music is one of the few things we all have in common. Music is all about expression, emotion, and beauty.

And those are the same things that make “Heavy” so sexy.

Review Score: B+

What did you think of “Heavy”? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments!

Pre-Order ‘One More Light’

Linkin Park have announced their brand new album will be titled ‘One More Light’ and will be releasing May 19th, 2017. Their website has been updated with new information about the album with a number of preorder options. These include CD packages, vinyl packages and deluxe packages that include a 48-page hard cover album art book with photos from the album.





Linkin Park Gift Fans an Acoustic Version of “Final Masquerade”

When Linkin Park vocalist Chester Bennington injured his ankle in January, leading to the cancellation of most of their North American tour, they found themselves overwhelmed with the support they received for the band while Chester began his six week recovery.

True to his energy on stage, however, Chester is in fact “healing pretty quickly,” as Dean DeLeo of Stone Temple Pilots told WAAF-FM’s host in an on-air interview, the group currently writing and recording with Bennington in the unexpected break in Linkin Park’s touring.  “[Chester’s] just of that mindset and physicality where he wills his body to do that.”

To thank their loyal fans, Linkin Park gifted them a free download of an unreleased acoustic for their single “Final Masquerade” off The Hunting Party, surprising them as Mike Shinoda opened vocals contrary to Bennington leading through the entire song. A simple guitar and a stunning cello compliment the Mumford and Sons-esque reimagining of the band’s popular single, showcasing a side rarely heard from the band in their over 15 years of existence.

To download and receive your free gift go to linkinpark.com/thankyou.