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Gasparilla Music Festival

Gasparilla Music Festival Reveals The Roots and Father John Misty as Headliners

The Gasparilla Music Festival presented by Cigar City Brewing have unveiled the initial lineup of acts that will be performing at the 7th Annual Gasparilla Music Festival taking place March 10-11, 2018 in downtown Tampa. More performers will be announced in the coming weeks.

The Roots will be headlining Saturday, March 10th and multiple 2018 Grammy® Award nominee, Father John Misty will be headlining Sunday March 11th.

Rounding out the early line up:


Break Science (Live Band)

Mondo Cozmo

The Cave Singers

The War & Treaty


Eric Tessmer Band

Imagination Movers – headlining Kids Fest

GMF’18 will feature over 40 bands across 4 stages along Riverwalk in downtown Tampa. Each year the festival has grown in size and breadth with an eclectic assortment of music hand-picked to inspire as well as entertain. In addition to diversity of sounds, the Gasparilla Music Festival offers a variety of experiences including a wellness kickoff early Saturday morning. Last year,  the fest hosted its first everDubb Tenn Yoga and Ride the Park, a stationary bike ride which served as a fundraiser for GMF’s Recycled Tunes program.

The annual festival celebrates the Tampa community and culture with local culinary delights, activities for families, performances by local artisans, aerialists, crafters, dancers, drum circles, elaborate hair-braiders, double dutch jumpers, pop-up performers, marching bands and more. Once again, the fest within a fest Kids Fest will include the Glazer Children’s Museum where in addition to the activities  award winning Imagination Movers will perform and the entire museum will be open to the public with free admission.


Tickets to the festival are available at www.gmftickets.com

Gasperilla Music Festival

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran Conquers Spotify – Most Streamed in 2017

Photo Credit: Scott Legato / RockStarProPhotography.com

Ed Sheeran fans now have an official reason to scream with joy, as if the singer is blessing them a 24-hour live performance.

That’s because he is…via their iPhones and bedroom speakers!

Ed Sheeran is Spotify’s most streamed artist of 2017 globally and the most streamed artist overall on the platform with over 47 million monthly listeners.

With over 3.1 billion global streams, his album ÷ was the most streamed album of the year on Spotify and ‘Shape Of You’ has become the most streamed track of all time on the service with 1.4 billion streams.

“Ed Sheeran absolutely dominated this year with the release of his record-breaking album, Divide,” said Stefan Blom, Spotify’s chief content officer. “There is no doubt that 2017 was The Year of Ed Sheeran, and we are thrilled that so many millions of music fans have discovered, listened to, and shared his music on Spotify. Congratulations to Ed on an amazing achievement.”

The Shortlist – August 20, 2016

The Best New Music Every Week

Summer isn’t over yet and some of the most hotly anticipated albums of 2016 are still to come.  This week’s shortlist of the best new releases is chock-full of preview tracks and feel-good summer jams so grab a beer, hit the patio, and press play.

29d3ad19556c6a8396197af38b4d97fae5ee5e3cBon Iver – 22 (OVER S∞∞N)

After 5 years of other projects, Justin Vernon and company have a new album, 22 , A Million, coming out in late September.  This new single and it’s B-side, “10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄”, make for a nice teaser of the chilled-out, glitchy electronic influenced sound we might hear from the group’s next effort.


e6a501acc6638413248b81f9eafc79474e063c71Mike Taylor – Electric Church

Mike Taylor doesn’t have a ton of recorded material under his belt, but it’s clear that he’s got soul and flair.  This upbeat track is a fun jam that’s guaranteed to get feet moving and heads bobbing.  It’s sure to fit right into your summer party playlist.


52aeb8f7073aed4025d35c10557185082b8a6cbdDe La Soul – Greyhounds (Feat. Usher)

De La Soul have long been a staple of alternative hip-hop alongside crews like A Trie Called Quest and The Pharcyde.  After a long hiatus they are gearing up for a brand new album and dropping singles left and right.  The releases so far have shown a more mellow side of the group with a strong focus on lyrics and storytelling.  The new album And The Anonymous Nobody… is due out on August 26th.


a40da1661b5e2953fc229db922cdc0225067b4c6The Shadowboxers – Build The Beat

Heavily influenced by upbeat soul and 80’s pop rock, the Shadowboxers deliver feel-good power pop like this one.  Groovy synth sounds and a hefty helping if blaring horns drive the song and leave you wanting to put it on repeat.


dc4fe1571e2a828e499a5b5f6e0c58f2b07f2c01The Tallest Man On Earth – Rivers

Swedish singer-songwriter Kristian Matsson AKA The Tallest Man On Earth gained fame with intricate arrangements, lo-fi recordings, and cryptic imagery.  With his more recent material, “Rivers” included, he has brought a fuller sound and a touching lyrical sensibility.  This one is for calm nights and serene locations.


217446f27dfc6ec7de94880f69ccfc7cd58ea46bAtmosphere – Ringo

Super-prolific Rhymesayers veterans Ant and Slug have a brand new album out.  This smirk-y lead single delivers the kind of clever, lighthearted jabs at society Slug has become known for over a sunny instrumental.  It’s a sing-along rap song served up with a wink and a nod.


0e344c0bd944d03b6831333b9bc48e060f7fde3eBig Gigantic – Got The Love (Feat. Jennifer Hartswick)

Boulder Colorado based electronic duo Big Gigantic is building buzz for their new album Brighter Future.  Jennifer Heartswick’s soulful vocals anchor this fast paced track and the bold horn accents make for a fun and unique sound that’s more than just EDM.


850c2f2c1a23270c1ebeb1c29b19160a767bc6aaGROUPLOVE – Do You Love Someone

GROUPLOVE has generally occupied the same musical space as Passion Pit or Fitz and the Tantrums, but this single finds them diverting from their tried-and-true synthpop sound and into something more guitar based.  The group as a whole sounds more powerful and ready to break free from the niche they once filled.  Perhaps with their upcoming album the band will be trying to bring out a more unique sound and pushing themselves outside the box.


ae18ea7edd088bc98672f546bbd5fcc8f40a8ca8Wilco – If I Ever Was A Child

Barely making it under the wire for the week, Wilco shared this new song off of their upcoming album Schmilco just yesterday.  The song takes on an acoustic, roots-Americana sound that the band most fully explored on their 2009 self-titled album.  Jeff Tweedy’s songwriting seems as strong as ever and this light, pleasant track makes for a good teaser and a good song to watch the sunset by.


6b77945fcb5f23834a6fb77e4ea1fdc2935778f3Nick Grant – Get Up (Feat. WatchTheDuck)

South Carolina’s Nick Grant just dropped this funky-soul track featuring classic southern hip-hop and fast, sharp lyrical delivery.  A relative newcomer to the rap scene, Grant is bold, confident, and sounds like he’s having an awesome time on the mic.  It’s a great recipe for a killer summer hip-hop jam.

Listen to the playlist below and follow Altwire for more


all photos from Spotify

Watsky Drops Surprise Video Single “Stick To Your Guns”

Some only remember George Watsky as the pale kid who raps fast.  But to others, Watsky is much more than that.  The poet, rapper, producer, social leader and now published author built his career on telling it like it is.  He finds emotional common ground and plants himself there to bring things together rather than tearing them apart.  On the 1st of July, shortly after another devastating mass shooting and just before the celebration of American independence and democracy, Watsky posted a video of his new single featuring fellow youtube-based songwriter Julia Nunes.  The song serves as Watsky’s response to the increasing frequency of mass shootings and a scathing critique of how society tends to react to them.  He satirically plays the part of a news anchor reveling in boosted ratings and a politician who manipulates emotions to further his own agenda claiming that “nothing ever could have been done to prevent it.”

The video itself is just a black box until almost the halfway mark when a list of state representative’s contact info starts to appear with the message “Call Your Senator” at the top.  Watsky is certainly not the first musician to use his art as a response to this terrible event.  Melissa Etheridge wrote “Pulse” as a tribute and a number of LGBT artists have made their voices heard.  A large number of notable Youtube creators like Hannah Hart and Tyler Oakley have also posted their own thoughts on the issues surrounding Orlando and events like it.  But Watsky’s unique voice and way of addressing these issues is as much about bringing about change as it is about bringing love and acceptance to a hurting community.

Listen to “Stick To Your Guns” below.

[Blogs from the Pit] Safetysuit Live @ The Foundry 02/17/16

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hitting up the Safetysuit show in Philly at The Foundry. Let me start by saying what a cool little venue this place is! Ok, so it’s technically a venue in a venue? (How meta!) The Foundry is located inside The Fillmore; it’s an intimate upstairs area with a decent sized bar, red leather booth seating with tables along the far wall, a few neat-o leather couches towards the back, and a smaller sized stage located to the left of the entryway. The joint wasn’t huge but it was the perfect size for the crowd we had. Not once during the show did I feel at all cramped or crushed while I was in the pseudo-pit area.

Opening for Safetysuit was a newcomer kid from South Africa named Connell Cruise. For those of you not familiar (like I wasn’t up until yesterday evening) this boy has some serious pipes on him. Like… holy crap. I usually go in to opening acts with low expectations because, let’s face it, we’ve all seen that home-town crew that thinks they’re hot shit but sounds like a cat yowling over the sound your high school nemesis pulling donuts in the parking lot. But this kid blew me the hell away. He did a short set including a few personal songs about falling in love with a girl who won’t let you come home to meet her folks (to be fair she was a princess, like… an actual honest to god princess. This dude… dated… a princess?!) and another highlighting the perfect response to when someone tells you “I just want to be friends”. He also did something hella cool by inviting local Philly artist Mackenzie Johnson up on stage to duet a song called “Let it Go”. I was able to snag a short clip from his most well-known song “Into the Wild” just to give you all an idea of just how killer this kid’s talent is live. I was impressed, entertained, and I was left actually wanting a longer set for an opening act for the first time since I saw Magic Man open for PANIC! at the Disco last summer. Just excellent.

Connel Cruise – “Into the Wild” Live (Clip):

Safetysuit opened with their newest single “Looking Up” to a screaming crowd that have waiting 3 long years to see them come back around. Lead singer, Douglas Brown, even made note of this looking out into the crowd after their opening set with open arms saying “PHILADELPHIA! YOU CAME BACK!”. Of course the crowd absolutely erupted. Doug went on to say how moving and humbling it was to have everyone in the crowd knowing that they all stuck around despite the touring dry spell since 2012.

Safetysuit – “Let Go” Live:

The entire vibe of the show was so laid back despite the energy of the performance. These guys are just the kind of artists that you feel like you want to invite over for a few beers on a Saturday afternoon. I think that might be why they draw such a diverse crowd. Looking around the audience the age range had to be from preteen to mid-60’s. And every last one of them was into it. They did a rockin cover of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah that made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and may or may not have choked me up a bit (big girls don’t cry though, right?). They also gave us the honor of previewing two new songs. “Numbers or Faith” may be my new favorite Safetysuit song and no, I’m not overselling it. It’s a song that talks a lot about the state of the world and the way we choose the handle it. It’s powerful. But I’ll let you judge for yourselves:

Safetysuit – “Numbers or Faith” Live:

They also previewed another new one called “Pause” which is a really intimate piece about taking the time to really appreciate every moment in life as it comes. If these two songs are any inclination I think it’s safe to say that new Safetysuit is definitely gonna knock us to the floor with strong lyrical messages with some pretty intense melodies to back it up.

And leave it to these guys to do something completely out there. Towards the end of the set Doug decided to grab on to the rafters and swing himself, monkey-bar style, into the crowd where he dropped down to finish out his song. He also went around and took selfies in the crowd and even snagged a girls phone and took a video on stage of himself and his band mates for her. But that wasn’t really the out there part… Most bands throw guitar picks and drum sticks into the audience, which they did! But towards the end of the set, and this is true, Doug takes off his Nike’s, pulls out a Sharpie, signs them and, I shit you not, HUCKS THEM INTO THE FUCKING CROWD. Yep. Dude threw his sneakers into the audience. Funniest part? My boyfriend CAUGHT one of the damn things. Well… that is until the girl behind him went all Walking Dead on him and tried to claw his arm off for it after she slapped his glasses off his face. Needless to say he let her have it because his appendages and prescription lenses are a little more important that Doug’s sweaty shoes. It was kind of a cool thing to do though, can’t say I’ve seen any other artist do that before. (Don’t feel too bad for our lost memorabilia, the boyfriend was able to snatch a guitar pick out of the air about 15 minutes prior so we still got pretty lucky!)

Safetysuit – “Apology” Live:

They played a 12 song setlist and returned for a 4 song encore which included a lovely acoustic version of “Never Stop” which Doug prefaced by saying “We received a flood of emails when we announced this tour asking if we could dedicated this song to loved ones who wants to propose to their significant others during our show. We obviously couldn’t make everyone happy with that request but if you were one of those people…[whispering] now’s your chance.” Judging by the lack of screaming, I don’t believe anyone got engaged at our show but it was still a pretty cool experience to have the guys unplug for an acoustic piece. They ultimately closed with “On Your Side” and called it a night.

Overall: Incredible show, awesome venue, great opening act. Couldn’t have asked for a better night at The Foundry!

Setlist for Safetysuit @ The Foundry 02/17/16

-Looking Up
-Something I Said
-Let Go
-Staring At It
-Numbers or Faith
-These Times
-Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen Cover)
-The Moment
-Someone Like You
-Beat Of Your Heart

-Get Around This
-Never Stop (Acoustic Version)
-On Your Side

Bill Nye Reveals Fun Fun Fun Fest 2015 Lineup

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Austin’s own Fun Fun Fun Fest. The lineup has officially been announced and festival has enlisted Bill Nye the Science Guy for an informative and hilarious teaser trailer:

How does one of the world’s most beloved educators become a representative for the festival? James Moody, the co-founder of the festival explains,

“About 2 years ago, I wanted to find a better way of showing folks that FFF was different than other festivals, because I really believe that it is. It’s not a very credible thought coming from me though. So we decided to work with a scientist to basically prove, through science, that FFF was special… and scientifically different from everything else out there. Thankfully Bill Nye agreed, likes tacos, and loves Wu-Tang, so here we are. Because science.”

The 10th annual festival will take place over the course of 3 days from November 6th to 8th at Auditorium Shores and features of wide variety of genres Rap to Rock to Comedy. The impressive lineup includes D’Angelo, CHVRCHES, Jane’s Addiction, Wu-Tang Clan and Chromeo to name a few.

Full lineup below:


Acts in the earlier years included: Fred Armisen, Nas, Girl Talk, Wiz Khalifa, Judas Priest, Modest Mouse, David Cross, Donald Glover, Run DMC, Santigold, and Hannibal Buress

Tickets also have gone on sale today and can be purchased on the FunFunFun official site.