The Shortlist – September 9, 2016

As Fall approached and the days continue to get shorter in the Northern Hemisphere the musical landscape is beginning to follow suit with calmer, more introspective themes and even drifting into downright darkness at times.  This week’s playlist is stocked with a few cuts and previews from Fall releases and a decent helping of chill hip-hop. […]

CD Reviews

Album Review: Drake, VIEWS

International rap superstar Drake released his much anticipated fourth studio album on April 29th. Prior to it’s release very little was known about the album, aside from the two leaked tracks, and were all but ready for some new Drizzy. This is evident, as the album sold 630,000 copies on the very first day of […]


Blueprint talks Vigilante Genesis

If one line Blueprint ever spit on a record could serve as a mantra for his career path, it might be this one from 2011’s “Radio-Inactive”: “Make it more commercial, Print/ You probably would sell more” But I’m eating now, so I’m like, “What the hell for?” Blueprint is one of the most prolific producers, rappers, […]


“Me AF” – My Interview with Kevin Flum

It’s refreshing when you meet a young person with the gonads to put everything on the line in order to reach his goals. A goal that many people believe is unattainable. As these same people watch those impossible goals being achieved, they become something else. An entirely different species. They become… ‘Haters. 2 weeks ago, […]


D. Ridley uses the Force to spit some BARS!

Apparently, Daisy Ridley now has another accolade to add to her resume. The bombshell actress is now a rapper. On the Target edition of The Force Awakens, John Boyega jokes in a bonus feature, “I have an eye for talent. I just said ‘You know what, I can make you a big star.’” Then Boyega […]

Beast Behind the Beats

Beast Behind the Beats Week VI – Supreme Trackz

Updated correction: Website is www.supremetrackz.com not supremetracks.com Wow. That’s what I thought when this interview ended. Ahead of me was the arduous task of transcribing a whopping fifty minute phone interview into a condensed article. However, I didn’t mind. I wanted to listen to this interview again…and again…and again! You guys thought Ambush Vin made SciFiMusic? […]