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Coldplay’s Kaleidoscopic New Video for “Up & Up”

“Up&Up”, the enigmatic closing track from Coldplay’s radiant and vivid new album, A Head Full of Dreams, has been graced with a music video of its own. The fourth track from the album to be decorated visually, it follows the track’s release as a single, earlier in April, following up on the success of “Adventure of a Lifetime” and “Hymn for the Weekend”.

Directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, the new video paints visual splendor to the tune of the album’s optimistic, heaven-soaring finale, with imaginative shots that turn the logically impossible into psychedelic reality. Imagery includes, but is not limited to, a bald eagle flying through the ocean, a dropship parachuting planets, whales dancing above New York City, swimmers in a washing machine, a gymnast backflipping through artillery fire, the Golden Gate Bridge crossing over a pond,  and a giant Chris Martin laying his head on a mountain face. Chroma key effects dominate the video’s visuals, which are mostly made up of vintage footage that seem to noticeably associate well with the song and album’s colourful sound. You can check out the video for yourself, below:

Springboarding off their new album, Coldplay have been many places recently. They met with and, in some cases, beat Adele in the charts, performed at the Super Bowl, made a splash in India with the “Hymn for the Weekend” video, and recently kicked off their ambitious A Head Full of Dreams Tour, which aims to visit stadiums all across the globe, including embarking on their first stadium tour of the United States. The new video for “Up&Up” serves to add even more to the band’s new found character, conceived within the creation of arguably their most creative album yet. You can read Altwire’s review of A Head Full of Dreams, written back in November, here!

“Up&Up” is available as a single through Parlophone, on iTunes and Google Play! A Head Full of Dreams is also available now through Parlophone, on the band’s official website!

Kevin Flum – The Wake Up (Produced by Vintage)

Kevin FLum
Kevin Flum makes sure we know in his song, “The Wake Up” that his SoundCloud is lit. Listening to the bars, and I do mean BARS, that K. Flum spits in this song, I can see why!

He also lets us know that he’s been working hard to get to this point. Whoever slept on this emcee deserved everything they got on these bars:

“Please don’t hit my phone when I’m busy matter of fact don’t hit my phone at all/

Don’t hit my e-mail with some shit that won’t make me money matter of fact I’m ignoring it all/

Where were you when there was no one to call/

Had to fuck around and teach my damn self how to dribble the ball/

And everybody wanna laugh when you ain’t that good/

And they say I can’t rap cause I ain’t that hood”

If you’re still sleep it’s time to Wake Up.

Interview with Kevin Flum coming soon! In the meantime, listen to “The Wake Up” below and make sure you follow Kevin Flum on SoundCloud!