The Maguas Unveil Strong New Single/Video “Shapeless”

the maguas

The Maguas continue to impress us with their new single “Shapeless.” The band hails from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and creates a “novel yet nostalgic” sound that’s super catchy while maintaining their all-too-familiar emo vibes.

Established in 2018, the band released their debut EP, Good Beer, the following year. The band’s follow-up, One of Us Is Lying, dropped in 2020 and saw the band gathering decent acclaim from several notable rock publications (New Noise Magazine, Alternative Press, etc.).

Now hard at work on their third release, The Maguas latest track continues their growing momentum, and we can’t wait to hear more from them. The song “Shapeless” is an energetic rocker that stays true to The Maguas’ punk and emo roots. The vocals consist of emotive pop-punk vocals and catchy hooks, while the instrumentation consists of punchy drums, groovy basslines, and anthemic-sounding guitars. This single showcases The Maguas versatility as musicians, making it an enjoyable listen from start to finish! Check out their brand new music video below:

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