Thirty Seconds to Mars Release ‘Rescue Me’

Barely a week following the release of third single, ‘One Track Mind’, American rock trio Thirty Seconds to Mars have debuted a fourth track from their highly anticipated fifth studio effort, America.

The track, ‘Rescue Me’, again continues the electronic pop-rock direction of former pre-release singles; embellished with combined organic and digitalized instrumentation, a hesitant palm-muted guitar gently backs the verses, while the chorus dives into far more contemporary modern pop-rock, pulsating bass and synthesizer work driving things forward.

Due to release April 6th, and featuring collaborations with the likes of A$AP Rocky (‘One Track Mind’) and Zedd (‘Dangerous Night’), America’s drastic deviation from Thirty Seconds to Mars’ former stylistic direction, albeit this being heavily hinted at with former 2013 release, Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams,  is set to make their first record in five years a game changer for the band.

Hear ‘Rescue Me’ here:

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