What Are AltWire Listening To? Week of March 15th

Welcome, friends, to the second week of AltWire’s catchup series What Are AltWire Listening To?

Same as last week, this series is just a little mini catchup amongst ourselves regarding albums we’ve been spinning a lot over the last seven days. We (of course) are all massive music fans here at AltWire, so the opportunity to share our listening experiences with our readers is a lot of fun!


What is Jessie Lopez listening to?

Artist: Demi Lovato
Album: Tell Me You Love Me (2017)
Genre: Pop/R&B

“I, hands down, stan harder for no one else than Demi Lovato. When Tell Me You Love Me was first released I listened to nothing else for weeks and I still do listen to it often mixed in with everything else on my playlist but with Demi‘s recent singles and performance on the Grammy’s it’s made its way back to the top of my list. There is something real and deep in her music that I think some other pop artists lack and it keeps me from getting bored with it. I wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite song because I really do love all of them and I can’t wait for her to release more music.”


What is Elysant Avery listening to?

Artist: Journey
Album: The Essential Journey (2001)
Genre: Hard Rock

You can never go wrong with the classics and Journey‘s; The Essential Journey album is a go-to for me. It is an album that provides you with the greatest hits of the rock band. Want to keep it slow? Listen to ‘Faithfully’. If you’re going to enjoy a fun tune, listen to ‘Any Way You Want It’. Want to jam out? You can never go wrong with ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. This album has everything, and it puts me in a great mood to listen to their songs.”


What is Mark Stoneman listening to?

Artist: Papa Roach
Album: The Connection (2012)
Genre: Hard Rock/Nu-Metal

“Ahh Papa Roach. Alongside Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach is one of those bands I can play loudly in the car on a bad day and all of a sudden it turns into an absolute blast. Big choruses and big guitar riffs, and Jacoby Shaddix’s infectious energy every step of the way. With that being said, is The Connection peak Papa Roach? No, those laurels remain firmly in the hands of either Infest or Getting Away With Murder. But is The Connection full to the brim of ridiculously fun radio rock tracks? Absolutely. ‘Still Swinging’, ‘Where Did The Angels Go’ and ‘Breathe You In’ are so much fun, and ‘Leader of the Broken Hearts’ stands as one of Shaddix’s best performances. The Connection is underrated and worth a listen.”


What is Derek Oswald listening to?

Artist: Various
Album: Us (OST)
Genre: Soundtrack

“I’ve been on a bit of a movie soundtrack kick for the past week (thanks Mark!) and one song that I absolutely love is the “Tethered Remix” of  “I Got 5 On It” by Luniz from the US (OST). When the 55 second mark hits, and the build-up that was generating for close to a minute prior reaches its crescendo, it’s a masterclass in suspenseful film scoring. Still one of my favorites despite its short length.”


Friends, that’s all from us at AltWire on What Are Altwire Listening To?

Until next week, what are the album’s that have grabbed you this week? We’re always on the lookout for something new and exciting to listen to!

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