[Press Release] World’s First Cinema release eerie video for new single “Make Me A Monster”

Following the release of their brand new single “Make Me A Monster” which was released last Friday, fast-rising duo World’s First Cinema are back with an eerie video to accompany the single.

The video for “Make Me A Monster” was shot in Hedingham Castle in Essex, a 900-year-old fortification which has remained largely intact since it was constructed. The history of the castle has been shrouded in folklore, and is a regular destination for ghost hunters due to its tales of witches drowned in the lakes surrounding it (the legend of Poll Miles) and countless stories of unexplained phenomena over the past 200 years, making it the perfect setting for World’s First Cinema to present their next otherworldly offering. Fans can check out the music video here.

Continuing more of that narrative-driven aesthetic they have shown on previous releases, “Make Me A Monster” sets the tone for a far darker chapter in their legacy. Their latest single is a bold and anthemic return that sees them dabble in the more haunted and atmospheric realms of the alt-pop world.

Speaking about the new single, they said, “’Make Me A Monster’ is the beginning of a dark new chapter of World’s First Cinema. It’s the first intimate look into this epic fantasy world that we’re building, brick by brick. The video especially highlights this – witches, druids and monsters coming to life amidst the explosion of strings and cinematic rock is exactly the sort of ritual we pictured our minds.”

Fans can stream “Make Me A Monster” today via B-Unique Records at https://worldsfirstcinema.ffm.to/makemeamonster.

World’s First Cinema’s recent EP Rituals was released on February 12th 2021, and received huge praise from across the board. The EP’s singles “Can’t Feel Anything,” “Red Run Cold” and “Cold Sets In” earned spots on Spotify’s Pop Rock Shot, Fresh Finds, Future Hits, Fresh Finds Pop, and Pop Rock playlists amongst many others.

World’s First Cinema’s origins begin back in 2019, when Fil Thorpe, a founding member of Neck Deep, the multi-award winning rock outfit that also cracked the #2 spot on the US album charts, chose to leave his formative outfit in pursuit of a career in production. Having now relocated to Los Angeles he met John Sinclair, alternatively known as Saint Claire, who had previously collaborated with Macklemore on his 2017 single ‘Excavate’. Between them, they have enough knowledge of the commercial music world to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool, but now they are together, they have their heart set on something far more outlandish.

The concept behind World’s First Cinema has always been to create something more than just another throwaway pop record. While they still inhabit this world sonically, their intention is to create bold and cinematic journeys that showcase them as musical adventurers, shaking off expectation and convention in favor of well-spun narratives and Victorian inspired eccentricity.

Starting a new project from the ground up is no easy feat, and to do so during a global pandemic is even worse, but Fil and John are not only determined to head into the new year with bags of material, they are already plotting their next moves. These few introductory offerings are simply Act One of a yet unending saga that they plan to push as far as it will go. Channelling the dark atmosphere and theatrics of Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance, the duo plan to spend the next few years writing, creating, producing, and touring a wave of fascinating material that see them take the idea of the concept release to new and exciting heights, all

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