AltWire Fast Five – Pop (Week of 01/27/2019)

Last week we debuted a brand new feature, where we highlighted our favorite songs daily throughout the week. It was a big hit, and we’re happy to bring more great tracks your way! For the non-initiated, Fast Five is compromised of bite sized playlists updated every weekday (Monday through Friday), giving you a taste of the best in music right now, while featuring tracks from a different genre each day. Today we present to you favorite pop songs for the week!


Sigrid – Don’t Feel Like Crying

Sigrid is one of those acts that you just know is going to commanding the airwaves within a couple of months. The Norwegian pop-star already has a fantastic grasp on crafting bonafide pop hits, with a catchy sound and powerhouse voice meant to chase the pop charts, next to the Adele‘s and Ariana Grande‘s of the world. Quite an accomplishment considering her first record hasn’t even hit stores yet. A defiant ‘post-breakup’ anthem, “Don’t Feel Like Crying” is sure to strike a chord with anyone finding themselves recently single.


C Duncan – Impossible

Formerly confined to his own bedroom studio and working on his music by himself, C Duncan‘s upcoming third album Health album sees the Scottish multi-instrumentalist collaborating with other producers and musicians for the first time and the resulting creative spark shows in tracks like “Impossible”, a rich and warm sounding track, with a vintage vibe that we absolutely love. Tracks like these show just how diverse pop music can really be.


Terror Jr – Pretty

Decrying the “never-ending cycle of vanity and fuckery”, Terror Jr’s ‘Pretty’ puts society’s obsession with youth and physical beauty on blast, whilst mocking the lengths we all go to worry about our appearance, at a great detriment to our own self esteem and self love.


Sam Martin – Sabotage

Hauntingly honest and reflective, ‘Sabotage’ concentrates on a very dark period of singer-songwriter Sam Martin‘s personal life when he was at his most self-destructive and battling thoughts of self harm. Lyrically darker than most pop tracks you’ve probably heard lately, this track shows how brilliantly pop music can be combined with emotionally charged lyrics to create a impactful wallop that will leave audiences mesmerized. Definitely a strong track and one of the best this week.


Jordan Tariff – Warning Shot

Sometimes a track has such a beautiful, and strong presence to it that attempting to describe it would not do it adequate justice. So instead we suggest for you to close your eyes, and take in the absolutely intense ride found within Jordan Tariff‘s fantastic debut single “Warning Shot”.  We can’t wait to hear more from this talented newcomer.


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