Flyleaf Video Interview: Kristen & Sameer


When we first caught up with Flyleaf guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya back in September, the band was on the verge of releasing their crowdfunded record Between The Stars, which would also be their first full length with vocalist Kristen May (having previously released an EP with Kristen titled Who We Are in 2013).

At the time of our earlier interview, Sameer appeared both extremely excited and optimistic about the band’s future, and seemed very ready to tackle their new beginnings together with Kristen and their legions of fans worldwide.

When news came through the wire that the Sno-Core Tour (with Fit For Rivals, Framing Hanley, Adelita’s Way and Flyleaf) would be coming through Lancaster (a city only 30 minutes from our headquarters), we reached out to Flyleaf for a followup interview. In our casual and at times humorous conversation aboard the band’s tour bus, we discussed the band’s writing and recording processes, how guitarists Sameer and Jared achieve their sound, and what plans the band have to tour and promote the record for 2015. Watch below:

Watch our interview with Kristen May and Sameer Bhattacharya of Flyleaf Below:

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