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Paris Radio


Just a few weeks ago I was exposed to this new block of musical radiance called “Paris Radio”.

When my editor gave me this assignment, I had no idea what to expect. The next thing I knew, I was pounding my app trying to get to it stream more songs. (insert hilarious visual here, because that was absolutely a thing)

Tony Aguiar, the Los Angeles-based singer/performer/musical brought to life the lovechild of Eric Johnson and Enigma that became the lovingly created Paris Radio. Tony and I had a chat in early June about the past and future of Paris Radio, and he had some lovely things to say.

As most musicians do, Tony started young in a rock and roll band. After its disbandment in 2012, Tony overcame his depression of it by coordinating with producer Sam Zubra in his London studio. It was there he dove deeper into his love of electronica.

Before long the experimentation blended electronica into rock and roll with a bit of House music depth, and thus was born Paris Radio. Lyrically, this time in his life comes out in his music. The sadness of the band break up along with the struggle to find his inner voice. The light hit upon the arrival of a girl in his life. This girl would inspire his first beautiful, emotive single, and then she would become his wife.

Tony explains that his inspiration comes from some of the early Seattle bands, such as Nirvana and Soundgarden, along with the influence of the great David Bowie. This does come through in his music. His goal is to inspire fans from all generations, teenagers to Gen X’ers, to come together and feel the emotion of the general love of music and sound that emits from his creations and performances.

You can find Tony performing in his hometown of LA. He’s extremely glad to be back, and we are SO glad to discover him. Paris Radio, we can’t wait for your album to be on iTunes so we can wear it out. At least I, for one, will be.


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