Bullet For My Valentine Premiere New Single ‘Over It’

Welsh heavy metal quartet Bullet For My Valentine have recently debuted their latest single, ‘Over It’, while also announcing the title and release date for their sixth studio album, Gravity.

The track treads similar territory to the 2017 promotional single ‘Don’t Need You’, marking a drastic departure from the thrash/heavy metal style the band is well known for, dropping much of the lead guitar/solos and opting for a more streamlined alternative/nu-metal sound.

Prioritizing simpler, catchy guitar riffs and more conventional song structures, ‘Over It’ and ‘Don’t Need You’ indicates Bullet For My Valentine’s sixth album (due for release June 29th) to be instead far more akin to the earlier pre-The Poison incarnation of the band, known originally as Jeff Killed John.

Listen to ‘Over It’ here:

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