Calgary Stampede Day 4 – Indie Rock

Calgary Stampede

On July 7, 2019 Brampton, Ontario-based band Moneen and Nashville based band Dashboard Confessional took to the Coca-Cola Stage at the Calgary Stampede.

The atmosphere of the Stampede completely changed the night of the show and instead of cowboys and cowgirls filling the crowd, it was full of dyed hair, piercings, and mosh pits. I absolutely loved it. An energetic crowd always means that a great show is about to happen.

Moneen kicked off the night by opening for Dashboard Confessional. The popularity of this twenty-year-old band has not faded one bit over the last two decades. The crowd went absolutely crazy for them. Everyone in the crowd was either jumping or taking part in one of the many mosh pits that formed within the crowd. Moneen got the crowd hyped by playing songs such as “Are We Really Happy With Who We Are,” “Accidents Are On Purpose” and “Don’t Ever Tell Locke What He Can’t Do”

But the true highlight of the night came with the next act. At the height of their career in 2003, every emo kid had posters up in their rooms of Dashboard Confessional. They were one of everyone’s favorite emo bands. Everybody was and still is swooning over heartthrob vocalist, Chris Carrabba. Although you may not hear Dashboard on the top radio charts anymore, they are still strongly loved by all their fans. Many fans in the crowd were there to throwback to their teenage years in 2003, while younger fans who may have more recently discovered the band were absolutely in awe to be seeing them perform for their first time.

The crowd started to go crazy and got more energetic as the night went on, and were belting the words to every song. Dashboard played their hits such as “Hands Down” “Vindicated” and “Belong”

See photos from both acts below:

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