Calgary Stampede Sneak-A-Peek Night / July 7th: Renforshort

Calgary Stampede renforshort

On July 7, 2022 Calgary Stampede hosted their annual sneak-a-peek night which included a performance from upcoming Canadian singer-songwriter, Renforshort on the new Coca-Cola Stage.

The evening started off with an unexpected hail storm however that did not stop anyone from having an incredible night at the Calgary Stampede. The storm cleared up just in time for Ren’s performance! 

Renforshort kicked off the night with an emotional performance full of hit songs from her upcoming (now released) debut album “dear amelia.” She performed a wide variety of songs from the album including my favorites, “moshpit” and “i drive me mad.” 

The best part of the night was that she took the stage only one and a half hours before her debut album was released. What better way to celebrate an album release than to get to play it for a crowd full of eager attendees shortly before its release! Ren truly put her entire heart into this album, it even features Travis Barker and Jake Bugg!

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