Empreinte Streams Powerful New EP ‘Void’

Empreinte Band Photo

If you’re a fan of metalcore and alternative post-hardcore, then you’ll want to check out Empreinte.

The French band just released their third EP, Void, and it’s streaming for free right now on YouTube (with pre-save available on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer). Void is a great listen for fans of Architects, Bring Me the Horizon, Northlane, Wage War, and other similar bands. I even hear some Slipknot at points. With crunchy guitar riffs and screams that will make your ears bleed in the best way possible, Empreinte is a fantastic band you won’t want to miss. The band has expressed its openness to various influences in metal and even outside of the genre, and Empreinte is constantly on the lookout for a diversity of sounds and creative structures in order to remain fresh.

The band’s “Degenerate,” can be listened to below. You won’t find much about these guys on Google right now (in fact, searching Empreinte brought up lingerie – Oops!), but that just makes listening to their music all the more exciting because it gives you a chance to get on board before they make waves across the pond. So go ahead and check out Void. It’s metalcore gold. And keep an eye on Empreinte – they’re going to be big.

What do you think of Degenerate? Let us know in the comments! \m/

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