3 álbumes de los que enamorarse

It’s Valentine’s Day! Let’s go out with our loved ones, swap roses, chocolate and jewelry! Oh wait, you have no sweetheart? No problem! Me neither! Let’s spend our Valentine’s Day with the biggest love of our lives: music!

Here are three outstanding albums that are romantic, upbeat or angry – the perfect tunes to put on repeat while you’re watching The Walking Dead re-runs eating microwaved lasagna – all alone!

MS MR – Secondhand Rapture


The duo MS MR has delivered one of the best albums in 2013. The tracks are chilling but beautiful. Lizzy Plapinger, aka the voice of MS MR, gives the electropop tracks a unique vintage sound that makes every moment special. Perfect for our Valentine’s Day at home.

In The Valley Below – The Belt


Another male/female duo gives our V-Day party more sex and guitars than MS MR. In The Valley Below are like a Rock’n’Roll version of Florence and The Machine and their album The Belt dispels any depressive thoughts because some idiot didn’t call and definitely didn’t bring flowers or anything at all for Valentine’s Day.

Meg Myers – EP Mix


We’ve fallen in love with the romantic side of MS MR and the upbeat tracks of In The Valley Below, but there might be a moment when the good feelings are gone and the anger at Mr./Ms. Nonexistent-Valentine comes through. Don’t worry, we have a specialty for the bad moments: Meg Myers. Her two EPs Hija en el coro y Hacer una sombra have lots of songs with an underlying aggression. Scream away with Meg during “Heart Heart Head”, attack the dude with your sexy side like in “Desire”, or just whisper “I’m gonna kill you, my love” as Meg does in “Monster”. So many possibilities!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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