Phil Labonte, de All That Remains, y Josh Wilbur, productor, hablan de "El orden de las cosas

All That Remains are set to drop their newest album El orden de las cosas this Tuesday, February 24th, and vocalist Phil Labonte and producer Josh Wilbur have given the last few details in a behind the scenes clip uploaded to the band’s Facebook account.

Though Wilbur has worked on ‘some really pop stuff,’ he is well known for producing heavy metal albums, such as those of Lamb of God. With All That Remains’ fearless attitude to try a bit of everything, Wilbur was a consideration to produce the new record as he also can step out of his comfort zone.

“Little did we know it was a terrible idea to make a record together,” Wilbur joked, but he continued to credit All That Remains for their strong mindset; “They’re seven albums in at this point, I think they wanted to do something different and it worked well for them. They’re not afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone and trying something new.

“They have a very distinct idea of what they want to do and what they wanted to accomplish with the new record.”

“Everything has been, so easy, and so cool,” Labonate said, not having anything negative to say about the change to Josh Wilbur after five albums with Adam Dutkiewicz, a change that happened simply because Dutkiewicz was unavailable.

“It’s its own animal”, said Labonate, “it will make a significant statement about what we can do as a band. I think it’s going to do really good things for us.”

Their North American tour has already kicked off with In Flames, and all upcoming dates are available AQUÍ.

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