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The Comeback Kid

Check out our interview with Andrew Neufeld of The Comeback Kid below:

[Erin Spencer/AltWire]: This is your 6th album, but your first on the renowned Nuclear Blast records, how did that effect the making of Outsider?

Andrew Neufeld / The Comeback Kid: Actually it didn’t effect making the record at all. We were unsigned when we were recording the album so we were funding it ourselves at the time and actually speaking with a couple labels while recording the record. We hadn’t reached a decision I believe until after the record was done. So it would have sounded the same if we ended up on the pop punk label we were talking to or the metal powerhouse that we now call our label.

[AW]: This new album has been described as “The pinnacle of progress to date” how does it fit into your back-catalogue? And how is it progressive?

Andrew Neufeld / The Comeback Kid: I think it’s a great mix of the style we have brought to the table on previous efforts but we definitely stepped outside the box more than ever before on this album and really just tried to focus on what felt right. How is it progressive? It’s our expression. I would leave an answer to the outside listener for something like that.

[AW]: Do you find it gets easier or more difficult to write new material with each album? What is your writing process like?

Andrew Neufeld / The Comeback Kid: Writing is always something we enjoy doing and need to do. For me, it is my main form of expression as I said before. The part that gets maybe a bit harder is finding the time to write and actually get in the groove. But it’s a good time when we do, especially when we are in a comfortable working zone to do so.

[AW]: How do you think your fans will receive Outsider?

Andrew Neufeld / The Comeback Kid: I hope they love it!

[AW]: A hard question now, what is/are your favorite song(s) off of Outsider and why?

Andrew Neufeld / The Comeback Kid: I like Consumed The Vision, Hell Of A Scene, and I’ll be that because they all kind of go in a bit of a different direction than CBK usually goes. But those favorites change all the time. I also picked the singles Surrender Control and Somewhere Somehow because I believed they were great songs that sounded like singles (to me).

[AW]: What are your thoughts on the current state of the hardcore punk scene in Canada or elsewhere?

Andrew Neufeld / The Comeback Kid: There are a lot of great bands out there, seems like a lot of bands aren’t touring AS MUCH these days, more so going on smaller stint runs. That is an interesting part of it. There is a lot of support in Canada and a lot of different / interesting kinds of bands coming out of the woodwork. I like the new Get The Shot and stoked for the new No Warning Record. I also like World View from Vancouver check em out.

[AW]: Do you think hardcore punk could ever go mainstream? Would that be a good thing?

Andrew Neufeld / The Comeback Kid: I don’t see that happening. It may have been close like 10 years ago but that doesn’t seem realistic, and why should it be.

[AW]: Comeback Kid has spent at lot of its 17 year career on the road, what is the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you on tour?

Andrew Neufeld / The Comeback Kid: Getting arrested and going to jail in Serbia sucked. Flipping a van and seeing my friend stuck underneath for an hour sucked. Both very weird. Getting promoters to bribe border guards into letting us into Indonesia was cool. Things get sticky sometimes.

[AW]: You are well known for high energy shows what else can we expect from your upcoming US tour?

Andrew Neufeld / The Comeback Kid: Raw performance, tight musicianship, vocal harmonies, shirtless skinny Ron playing bass, vegan sticker on Jeremy’s guitar, sweat dripping, girls and guys in the pit, slam dancing, uhhhh, I don’t know guys you’re gonna have to check it out for yourself.

[AW]: Jesus Piece and Burn are joining you on the tour, what is it that made you pick these bands?

Andrew Neufeld / The Comeback Kid: They were among the list of bands that were available at the time. Burn is a legacy act I have actually never seen so I’m excited to finally play with them, especially on their new album tour. Jesus Piece seems to be crushing it and amped for that.

[AW]: Lastly how would you sum up Comeback Kid, to someone who hasn’t heard of you?

Andrew Neufeld / The Comeback Kid: I usually tell people it’s a punk hardcore band. Frantic elements mixed with some groove. Fuck, I’m horrible at describing my music.

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