Los siervos del penique: Entrevista con Mike Loy

The Penny Serfs

Alt-Rock band, The Penny Serfs have released their latest LP, Politics in a Time of Heroin.

Their lead singer, Mike Loy, took the time to speak to us about the writing process, his recovery from a near-fatal fall, and the future of the band.

Omayra Lopez [AltWire]: This is Omayra with Altwire.net, thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview! For our readers and those who haven’t yet heard of you, could you please tell is a bit about yourselves and the history of the band?

Mike Loy [The Penny Serfs]: Hi Omayra, this is Mikey Loy the singer of The Penny Serfs. I have been working with Kyle, Stu & Aiden on The Penny Serfs since around 2013. I have been involved in groups and solo for sometime now, most noteworthy being the guitarist of the band Chronic Future in the early 2000s. When I met Kyle we were techs for Regina Spektor and hit it off immediately and made a commitment to be in a band together, the rest is history.

Omayra Lopez [AltWire]: What was the writing process like for Politics In The Time of Heroin? How did you decide which tracks went into the LP and which did not?

Mike Loy [The Penny Serfs]: We had some rough ideas together on voice notes and we had little rehearsal. We then went to Atlanta and tracked a record in a week with my friend and genius producer Rick Beato. I wanted to keep us on our toes and really naturally capture the band developing the song in the studio. By the third take it seemed that we had fully came up with our parts and we feeling really cohesive. I think really just going for it and keeping it spontaneous helps us keep the band fresh and on the same page.

Omayra Lopez [AltWire]: Mikey, what can you tell us about your recovery from your accident so far, and how has this return to music been treating you since? What advice would you give to anyone who may be facing what you have, leading up to this release?

Mike Loy [The Penny Serfs]: I am very fortunate and grateful to be alive. I’m also very humbled by the support from my family, friends, other artists i work for and our fans for helping me get back on my feet. My recovery was very quick for all of my broken bones, about six weeks and I suffered a massive concussion but did not have any long lasting brain damage.  I can still sing and play and dance around just fine, my right wrist is about 60 percent of what it used to be with strength so I am fortunate that I am left handed.

Advice from me about my fall… I know it isn’t easy.. but please, make sure to have healthcare. Of course I did not so it was a fundraiser situation until we could figure out an emergency insurance situation.

Second. If you are going to climb up high, always make sure to wear a harness and stay cautious and safe minded. I let these precautions slip from my mind.

Omayra Lopez [AltWire]: As this year comes to a close, what does the future hold for the band?

Mike Loy [The Penny Serfs]: In February 2019 we will be releasing a limited deluxe vinyl of the Politics Record, as well as a new EP in March, and then wrapping it up with an extensive tour to hopefully start around Sxsw time. Hopefully we will have some dates to post very soon. We are very excited for 2019 and can’t wait to keep playing together and breaking stuff 🙂

Omayra Lopez [AltWire]: What message would you like to send to your fans and our readers?

Mike Loy [The Penny Serfs]: Always stay positive because within sufferance sometimes magic can occur. We are all lucky to be alive and I’m very happy and lucky to still be playing guitar and singing in a band with my best buds.

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