Dreamers busca un nuevo sonido en su próximo álbum

Dreamers are moving towards a new sound for their debut album after they started prowling the music industry back in 2014, This Album Does Not Exist dropping a ‘psychedelic rock’n’roll’ sound this Spring through Fairfax Recordings.

The album follows their self-titled EP that earned them a position in Alternative Press’ 100 Unsigned Bands You Need to Know Of in 2014, leading to a personal selection by Stone Temple Pilots to directly support their Spring 2015 tour with then-lead vocalist, Chester Bennington. Dreamers were then launched into critical acclaim and quickly after, losing the label ‘unsigned band.’

A change in the line up has already faced the young band a few months ago, former drummer Chris Bagamery band mate to lead vocals Nick Wold since their previous band. “It was an amicable split,” Wold told Vue Weekly,“but, I guess, [Bagamery’s] heart wasn’t in it anymore and we had some creative differences. We had some time off the tour to start fresh.”

Jacob Wicks is behind their drum set now, Dreamers having walked away from Sound City Studios- where Nirvana recorded Nevermind– with a batch of sixteen songs with producer Kevin Augunas (The Lumineers, Cold War Kids) ready to be trimmed down to ten.

“It’s this great studio where some of our favorite albums of all time were recorded. It was a joy, and we’re really glad to be part of it. We couldn’t really ask for a better place to do what we want to do, which is kind of rooted in that rock ‘n’ roll [sound].”

With their feet rooted in both Seattle and Brooklyn music scenes, Dreamers can be expected to continue their deserved success. For a taste, expect an album sampler EP, You Are Here, February 5th. Below, check out their newest single “Drugs” off the EP and album.


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