Like Moths to Flames: New Album, A Chance To Be In a Video

Good news for metalcore fans this week, Like Moths to Flames has announced they are releasing their new album The Dying Things We Live For on October 23rd this year via Rise Records. Even better news? If you’re anywhere near Louisville, Kentucky, you can be a part of their next music video, because Like Moths to Flames is recruiting fans to shoot a video for an upcoming single on September 24th. You have to be fast, though, because only the first 75 people to email [email protected] will be invited to the shoot (so chances are you’re already too late)!

If you are a fan and you aren’t anywhere near Kentucky there’s still something for you: for a taste of their upcoming album, check out their new song, “Thrown To The Wind,” from it. You can listen to it right now at

You pre-order the new record at iTunes and follow the band at for additional updates.

For More Information:


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