Mojo Barnes - Reseña de "Signs

Hailing from Seattle, Washington Emcee Mojo Barnes blesses us with a short yet stellar EP encapsulating personal woes, pains, and monumental moments in five songs.

Signs brings more to the table than just dope bars and witty punch lines; key example being “Blueberry” which gives Mojo Barnes the chance to release thoughts many can relate to coupled with an R&B vibe giving listeners a glimpse into his vocal talents. “Following” y “Heartbeat” perfectly mesh Mojo’s crooning with his strong lyrical ability in a way that sounds original unlike many others who take on this task.

“Following” puts us directly into his thoughts and feelings towards his own father by tackling the heart aches of an absent parental figure and the impact this made on him. “Heartbeat” is a beautiful expression of love to his “baby mama” sharing his excitement and joy in creating life together and moving forward as a family.

Hip Hop heads fret not because Mojo still comes with enough potent verse that have rewind value to keep you playing tracks over and over again. “Awakened” y “OHMYGOD” gives us a chance to hear how witty Mojo is as an Emcee. In “Awakened” Mojo raps:

 “Its been a minute since me and God had conversated/he must still be mad after I body bagged the congregation/ I’m just trying to smoke loosies/ sniff lines off drunk floosies/mix weed, coke, smack, crack, and couple of roofies on the back of a groupie having me acting like goofy”

Mojo is not afraid to spit verses that may shock and awe an audience. Overall “Signs” is a phenomenal and personal introduction into who Mojo Barnes is. By tackling an array of subjects, he is sure to keep listeners and fans busy till his next release.

Stand out tracks:

 “Awakened” “Blueberry” “Following”

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