Post Malone sufre una aparatosa caída en un concierto en San Luis - ¡Posty está bien!

Post Malone

Last night’s St. Louis show had a bit of a gasp-worthy moment for Post Malone fans.

As shown through a TikTok video by @xaviierw0lf, during a performance of his hit song “Circles,” Post Malone stepped through a hole in the stage and appeared to lose his footing. Post seems to smash off the stage as he falls, rolling onto his side in pain.

According to the St Louis Dispatcher, the hole was used to lower his guitar but had not yet been covered at the time of the accident. 

The medical staff instantly rushed to his side and took care of Post for several minutes. Eventually, he would be escorted backstage, and Post asked fans for a few minutes to recover while walking backstage. After around 15 minutes, like an absolute trooper, Posty resumed his performance but appeared to be clutching his ribs for the remainder of the show. 

As of this time, there is no comment as to whether Post sustained an injury or had to undergo a medical checkup at a local hospital after the show. We are reaching out to Post’s publicist to check on him and hope he is feeling okay today.

See videos of the fall below:

@xaviierw0lf Post Malone took an insane fall tonight at the St. Louis concert #postmalone #twelvecarat #twelvecarattour #twelvecarattoothache #roddyricch #tour #accident #stlouis #2022 #enterprisecenter #news #incident #hopehedoingokay #fyp #xyzbca ♬ original sound – X

@sawyereddins Please get well Posty! #postmalone #postmaloneconcert #saintlouis ♬ original sound – Sawyer Eddins

UPDATE: Post Malone has posted a video on Twitter, and thankfully he is okay! No broken bones or major injuries. We love you Posty, and we’re glad you’re ok! See below:

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