#TheSpark: AltWire Recomienda - Semana de 05/15/17-05/21/17

Welcome to The Spark, a feature on AltWire where we put the spotlight on fun, exciting and diverse artists that we feel deserve your undivided attention. All available for immediate consumption and in satisfying servings for your cerebral taste buds. Filet mignon for your ears, what could be better then that?

Below are some of the awesome and unique artists that we’ve found ourselves listening to this week. Enjoy and be sure to support the artists!


Terror Jr – Death Wish

Wild Cub – Somewhere

Benjamin Ingrosso – Do You Think About Me

Kimberly Freeman – Rust

Sabrina Claudio – Unravel Me

All Time Low – Nice2KnoU

nothing,nowhere. – clarity in kerosene

Ghostpoet – Immigrant Boogie

Bison – Tantrum

INTREGITY – I Am The Spell

The Interbeing – Deceptive Signal

Silverstein – Retrograde

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